Deals to be Kept (Sentinel – A Book Review)

Sentinel (Covenant #5)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: 2013

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My Rating:

Rated W for wait, what? What was the point?

It’s a beautiful day for a war.

There’s been much loss and suffering. The war is nearly at its end. Alex is wrangling with difficult decisions made and yet to be fulfilled as the world slips into deadly chaos. Still, she must dig deep and be ready to let go to put an end to this war and bring forth a new age.

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Prepare for spoilers and possible rage.

The end is finally here and I’m so glad. I was so disappointed in this finale-maybe more so than the series. So much happened that seemed pointless, drawn out, and downright ridiculous. If it wasn’t some of lines delivered it was the choices the characters made. Alex’s self-involved determination to get herself killed and Aiden’s selfless martyrdom still clashed and made me cringe. And, I really didn’t care what happened to Seth. So, why did I finish this? Because I can’t stand to leave a series unfinished. I also held hope that it might get better. I dug my grave with that hope.


Alex’s pregnancy scare actually caught my intrigue and presented a possible plot twist. The fact that she didn’t think it was possible to be pregnant with all that suffered dimmed it quickly. As if she believed her sudden god-like body wouldn’t be able to protect a baby? Come on! This was the perfect time to let magic do the work.

Then to make it worse, the deal Aiden made with Hades—which was ridiculous to begin with—made the previous book completely useless and a waste. Aiden legit says that, too. I was absolutely flabbergasted. What a waste of my time.

This series could’ve ended on a major note, but the major world change after this war wasn’t even shown. None of the aftermath was mentioned. It was incredibly centric on Alex as if she was the world. I would’ve liked to see how her uncle would’ve moved forward, implementing change with the covenant. What was all of this for if you don’t get to see any of it afterward? So much was shifted and demolished, and so many people died, but that doesn’t matter I guess? How frustrating.


And the sudden, let’s make the fans happy with a crazy loophole ending for Alex and Aiden? Was not a fan. That’s not because I like Alex and Seth together. I can’t stand Seth It was confusing and unbelievable. Unsatisfying, much like limp lettuce.

This series did not do justice for those reading it.


This series can finally be donated and I do hope a reader out there will like it. I still stand by my belief that if this series was combed over and enhanced it would be far better than where it’s at now. The characters would be more likable and more powerful storytelling-wise. The world-build would be stronger. And, the gods would actually come across as gods and be deadly and intimidating.

All in all, this was disappointing because I can feel that it could’ve been so much more. The originality is there and genuine, but it’s not filled out.

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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