Mayfairs: The Next Generation (Taltos – A Book Review)

Rowan and the rest of the Mayfair family are free of Lasher, though at a devastating price. Trying to recover, the family is blindly attacked and a reckoning is called for. A creature older than time, a Taltos, closes in on the family with its own mysterious reasons. A new generation of Mayfair witches awaken.

Careful What You Pray For (The Merciless III – A Book Review)

Brooklyn's origin story comes in the third book. When Brooklyn gets a frantic call to her help ling from the Christ First Church, she' determined to help. But, she has to figure out who it was. By the time she figures it out, it's too late. She's already pulled in and it's already got her. She can't escape the evil that's determined to take her next.

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