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Witty reviewing at the speed of light…just kidding, but I do love books


Small woman from a small oil can in Pennsylvania. Graduated with a Bachelor’s English degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College and currently work in the best place on earth, a bookstore. Seriously, I could get high on the smell of books. But not really. But still.


Books are my passion, says every bookworm out there and I am a part of that, proudly. They are a passion and I am not ashamed to get lost in a book. They were meant to get lost in. They’re completely different worlds! And, sometimes, books are better than the real world. The real world can get nasty and escaping for two hundred, three hundred, or even one thousand pages is okay.

So, I do have a slight Infatuation with books…and bacon. Give me werewolves, vampires, witches and zombies galore. Some romance and horror and adventure as well. An apocalypse? Why not?

Because the best contact high is the from opening a good book.

So, The Scarlet Reader. I decided that I couldn’t contain my love for the books I read so I’m here, sharing it here. I know, I know, there are a LOT of book review blogs out and that’s rad. Keep books alive. They’re precious. For me, I just want to share how books make me feel and what about them was special (or not so special, which does happen sometimes) to me.

I use the words I know and a couple I don’t to reach out and I hope I can get you intrigued to pick up that book I loved or maybe just share my reasoning about why a book wasn’t so great. A great debate is always fun. Mostly, I just love to read and to share that is something I wish I’d done much sooner.

Anyway…I hope you visit often and your passion to read grows as well as your book collection.

-Kat J.


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