Look Out! It’s a Cult! (Awake – A Book Review)

Author: Natasha Preston
Published: 2015


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Of course, the dress was white. This is what I’m supposed to die in…

Scarlett meets a cute boy, Noah. Scarlett falls in love with said boy, Noah. But then Scarlett and her family get in a bad car accident and she starts remembering things that she never recalled as a child. There’s fire and people who are not her parents. And also a girl named Evelyn. A part of her never wants to find out about what it all means, but a much bigger part is desperate find out so that she can put it to rest. Noah sets out to help her, but soon enough Scarlett isn’t so sure she can trust him after he reveals how he’s connected to her memories. With so many dark secrets swirling around her, Scarlett is determined to get to the bottom of them and when she does, she immediately regrets it, and Noah.


I read The Cabin by Natasha Preston before this and while I wasn’t very partial to it (you can read the review here) I was very glad I read Awake. It was so much better! The air of mystery was fantastic. Nothing felt safe because everything was suspicious.

There was a very strong Wicker Man vibe when Scarlett discovered everything behind her memories, (No, I can’t tell you and ruin the book!) I was surprised. Preston did a phenomenal job in keeping me in the dark, much like Scarlett, about how everything was connected to the main point. I didn’t even care that I’d already predicted some parts perfectly because I wasn’t able to predict what was going to happen…if that makes sense.


Scarlett and her beau, Noah, are complete opposites. While she is enveloped in a world of technology and fast food, Noah lives the green, health life. I enjoyed their development as a couple. It was kept simple without major and pointless drama drudged up. The way they shared those parts of their lives was tender and sweet and utterly gushy.

Even more, I loved the double POV between the two. As the reader, I got to know things that Scarlett or Noah didn’t share with one another. It was fun to be able to see the story unravel between the two of them. And when Scarlett thinks that they’re both stupid for trying to get free of their predicament I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard a character outright admit it. As the reader I think it often about some characters from other books. It’s a part I read more than once because it’s my absolute favorite.

To keep this as spoiler free as possible, the book was pretty great. I was puzzled during some situations like with Scarlett and her best friend Imogen because Imogen was extremely one-sided, for example. They escalated randomly and without premise. They felt like speed bumps, easy to get past so I didn’t think much of them


There were a few questions hanging in the air at the end, leaving a possibility for a sequel. I am quite curious to see if there will be a follow-up. It is spoiler-y below.

Will Scarlett find her sister, Evelyn?

Who is the one member of Eternal Light that didn’t get captured by the police?



“Well, you never know what’s out there in the big bad world.” (Noah to Scarlett, p. 3)

“The truth was all I wanted. Why Couldn’t anyone just give me that?” (Scarlett. P. 114)

“I’d built a wall around myself the first day we’d met, but she used a sledgehammer to smash it down and made me care for her.” (Noah, p. 118)

“Time to fight for my life.” (Scarlett, p. 248)

“Your life starts now, and I promise it’s going to be pretty great from now on.” (Scarlett to Noah, p. 310)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song Today? How Soon is Now? T.A.T.U. Loved the cover.


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