So We’re Connected, So What? (Pure – A Book Review)

Pure (Covenant #2)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: 2012

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Rated T for tedious and tumultuous circles that are flatter than a flat Earth.

There is need.

And then there is fate…

Being destined to be some kind of other half of some supernatural, godlike warrior isn’t great, especially when they’re everywhere you are—literally. From Alex’s classes to training, and even her dorm room, Seth is there, throwing their connection in her face.

As if that wasn’t enough, Half-Daimons are attacking Covenants all over and killing Pures. In response, rules are set in place that threatens the freedoms of Half-Bloods. Alex refuses to be treated like a servant, but she is forced to come to heel after she and her friends are attacked. IT comes into question that she might’ve had something to do with it—she didn’t. But, she must prove herself and make the ultimate choice. She must make sacrifices and come to terms with choices that, after being made, cannot be undone.

Covenant Series Reviews


Half Blood


While I continue to read this series, I still have yet to be impressed. Through writing, story, plot, emotion, and other avenues, I still feel only halfway about it as it seems only halfway fulfilling. There were quite a few major moments that seemed to never peak. From loss to great revelations of love, and yet, they fell short. So short that they seemed to fall down a well and Lassie wasn’t able to find them. Such important scenes that change the story itself came across as bland and unmemorable. That was especially the case when Alex lost somebody dear to her. For barely a chapter, she mourned and beyond that, it seemed like that person meant nothing to her. That hey didn’t exist and had zero impact on her life because they never crossed her mind for the rest of the book.


I praise Alex for always remaining herself. Through the awkward, weird, word vomity, intense bubble-bursting frustration, and rage, she stays true to herself. Regardless of where certain people stood, she never stood with her head down and always stood strong for those who needed it. That has to be the most impressive part of the book. Alex comes across as somebody that can’t be controlled and if it wasn’t a little frightening because of her lack of common sense, it would be inspiring.


Where I once saw the potential for Seth, it has been fully extinguished by his nonstop childish behavior. I’d say his actions are driven by entitlement and privilege, but he doesn’t even have those. While he has an air of power, and only just a wisp at that, it was never at the forefront. You’d think with Daimons posing war directly against the Covenants, it would, but no. More so, as he toyed with Alex, he didn’t even appear to care about her and that bugged me soooo much. Still, I have this tickle that makes me want to see how he and Alex will work on this connection of theirs. They’ve whined about it enough that I’ve rolled my eyes and am now going, “Well!? Get on with it!”. LOL.


Aiden wasn’t much better. Sure, I didn’t expect the broody thing to last. I didn’t expect him to turn into a knight in shining armor but to turn into a brick wall that emanated jealousy and cruelty was a bit much. Though he continued to deny Alex, he wrought his jealousy all over her and it was disturbing.


While I understood the plot of the story, it didn’t really grab me in awe or much else. Borderline repetitive, I found myself struggling to feel much of anything let alone enjoyment or excitement. Outside of Alex’s determination to figure out who she is and what she will become, I was twiddling my thumbs. These characters had no drive and that left me in the same boat. More so, the story had no real driver behind the wheel. It seemed mechanical with no real action, leaving everything from the relationships to the action to the conflicts lifeless.


I still wholeheartedly feel like this is a series JLA could potentially revisit and ignite a fuse under, offering a special edition in which she adds so much more to it. Through and through, this is a knife that still needs sharpening. I can’t come up with much outside the characters to talk about because there wasn’t much progress through the book. The book had a weak pulse that nearly flatlined. Will I read the next one? Sure. Why not torture myself? (I promise, that question is rhetorical.)


“Do you know why the heart lays claim? Survival. That heart lays its claim to ensure its own survival of its kind.” (p. 114)

“I was a nervous mess of funk.” (Alex, p. 132)

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