Breaking All the Godly Rules (Half Blood – A Book Review)

Half-Blood (Covenant #1)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: 2011

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My Rating:

Rated S for snarky snide with a side of badass sentinel moves.

The daimons have found her.

Seventeen-year-old Alexandria has lived her life on the outside, not just out in the normal world but inside the Covenant as a half-blood, too. After her mother is murdered by daimons, Alex is brought back to the Covenant. Refusing to become a servant, she goes back into training, hoping to become a sentinel and kill daimons.

Not all goes as planned when the remaining lives of those she cares about, including the forbidden pure-blood, Aiden, are threatened. Daimons are closing in and a major discovery may change the war against them as well as Alex’s life forever.

Though slow to start, I admire the tough snark. I’ve learned to “wait an extra five seconds” whether with a book, a movie, or TV show. Just because a story starts slow doesn’t mean the entire tale is botched and trashed. Patience is a virtue and I took a lot of that with this one. Alex came off as typical but as the beginning progressed there were these little bits that left my curious bone itching. JLA has quite the talent for that. I was quickly immersed in Alex’s distaste for rules and determination to fight and break them, especially as it pertained to segregation and choosing how one wants to lead their own life. For her, she wanted to become a sentinel, a fighter, and protector of the world, yet she stood on the precipice of becoming a slave to the elitist pure bloods because they had power and viewed her as nothing. And, I have a soft spot for characters that fight and break the rules to the end for what they want.


While I became mildly intrigued with this “grand” Covenant and the appeal of breaking all of its rules, I kept wondering why they wanted Alex back so badly if only to treat her so horribly. It was deeply confusing. However, I loved getting an inside peek at the unique place held in such high reverence for these presumptuous godly creatures. The classic Greek mythic structure was exactly as I expected and I could visualize all with such clarity. Impeccable but blended with a modern touch that I can appreciate. I can’t wait to see if any actual gods wind up entering this war between them and daimons.

The triangle between Alex, Aiden, and Seth obviously isn’t fully developed but the sparks are certainly flying. It’s still a mystery about which way things could go for any of them which is awesome. Usually some kind of relationship has formed between the main character and one of the others, and the drama continues to build and angst-ify in the next book.  Totally not the case here. JLA took it very slow and left me hanging on, wondering. This is definitely one of the main reasons I’m still hanging on to this series.


Not the best writing…sadly. JLA captured me with her LUX series and I fangirl over her Wicked trilogy like no other, but this one just came up lack. Because of how drawn out so much of this book was with the same routine over and over and no change, my eyes glazed over at least 40% of this book. I loved the characters and their chemistry and the world-building, but writing held zero depth or progress and it made me sleepy more than once. Much like the way music artists update and give a rerecord to their music, I think this book could have a rerelease with new and updated material and/or more story.


The plot and story has my attention as does Alex with her sudden predicament that’s made her life quite complicated. The subtle shockers were like little itches I can’t help but scratch until satisfied. The writing has me cringing. It’s not as rough as some books I’ve read, but it’s not her best. Still, I’m very curious about what’s coming next that I’m not swayed away.


“With or without a purpose, you’re a very special girl. Don’t you forget that.” (Mom to Alex, p. 29)

“It was official. The Gods hated me. And I hated them.” (p. 63)

“The first…the first is always the most powerful. Then there is need and fate. That is a different type. Need covers itself with love, but need…need is never love. Always beware of the one who needs you. There is always a want behind a need, you see.” (Grandma Piperi, p. 195)

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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