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Merry merry, book lovers!

Here is my festive Christmas-y book tag, but it’s not the ordinary type. This is a wish list!  While strolling through some amazing Christmas songs sure to get stuck in your head, here’s my Christmas wish list according to the carols/songs. This may be the closest I come to going caroling.


Jingle Bells

A book you’re incredibly excited about.

Scarlet Reader


Storm and Fury
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

I’ve been so stoked for this book since I heard it was coming. It also connects to Armentrout’s diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa which results in loss of vision because her character in the series is going blind even though the character can communicate with ghosts and spirits. I have yet to meet a piece of work I hate by Armentrout and am doubting I ever will. I love the spunk she brings to her stories and this is one I can’t WAIT to read. If anyone wants to get it for me I won’t object whatsoever! C’mon Santa! I’ve been pretty good(ish) this year!


Carol of the Bells

A horror or thriller book you really want.

Scarlet Reader


The Sun Down Motel
Author: Simone St. James

I’m not typically and mystery girl, but crazy things happen at motels and I refer back to the movie Joyride when I say this. A creepy and thrilling classic starring Paul Walker and Steve Zahn. This one seems odd and intriguing and I’m curious to read from the perspective of someone who works at a place like this and witnesses what goes on.


Feliz Navidad

A diverse book, whether culturally, sexuality, or other that has really captured your attention.

The Scarlet Reader


Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas #1)
Author: Zoraida Cordova

This one has been on my wish list for about a year and a half now. It’s got magic, adventure, and family. The exploration of Latino/a culture has always been a fascinating one for me. I love the way the dead is celebrated, how big the families are, and the beautiful traditions. I know I don’t nearly enough to consider myself completely cultured, but I love learning more and more about it. Getting a chance to experience the magic of the culture, if only just a drop, through this paranormal YA and also enjoy my favorite genre would be epic.


Last Christmas

A romance you want though you know it may just break your heart.

The Scarlet Reader


Finale (Caraval #3)
Author: Stephanie Garber

You totally know there is romance mixed into this trilogy. While I haven’t gotten to Legendary just yet, I already know it’s going to be great and definitely need the final part of this gorgeous and intense adventure. Desperate! LOL.


Little Drummer Boy

An epic journey or series you want to start or need the next volume to.

The Scarlet Readerr



Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orisha #2)
Author: Tomi Adeyemi

I loved Children of Blood and Bone and have been waiting with so much anticipation for the next one! I’m so fecking excited about it! Just a phenomenal and magic driven series. If anyone wants to get it for me I will not say no, but be totally grateful. I totally recommend reading this series if you haven’t.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

A coming of age book.

Speak - Goodreads

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

This isn’t a typical feel-good coming-of-age book, but one of struggle and overcoming of hardship and pain after something utterly tragic and life-shattering happens to a girl that causes her to go mute and be shunned by her friends. My best friend has told me how powerful and groundbreaking this story is so, of course, it’s one that’s on my wish list.


Silent Night

A heartwarming, inspiring book.

The Scarlet Reader


Author: Rainbow Rowell

I know what it’s like to fangirl. You should see me live-tweet when a favorite show is on. This one stuck out to me for that reason and because of how growth seems to be a theme. That and discovery. I’ve heard so many good things about this book so it’s going on the wish list!


What’s This? (Nightmare Before Christmas)

A book that’s not what you’d typically read, but you really want it to freshen up your book pile.

The Scarlet Reader


The Glittering Court
Author: Richelle Mead

I’ve read the first in Mead’s Bloodline’s series and it wasn’t half bad. I look forward to finishing one day and decided that this one might be interesting too. I’m still not that into Vampire Academy and I think it’s because if feels over-hyped to me. Mead approaches the supernatural from an angle I’ve never read so I feel reproachful yet intrigued about it.


Deck the Halls

In the spirit of joy and the Fa Lalas, what’s a book you put on your wish list because everyone else is recommending it?


The Scarlet Reader


After We Collided (After #2)
Author: Anna Todd

So, I’ve read the first one already, which is why I’m opting for the second book. If you’ve read my review then you know I wasn’t a big fan, but with a few people around me really amped over this series and its intense chemistry and back-and-forth romance that’ll drive you insane apparently.


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

A wintery splendor you want to read with some hot cocoa while snuggling by the fireplace.


Scarlet Reader


Lovely, Dark and Deep
Author: Amy McNamara

This is a recent addition to my wish list. About a girl still dealing with the loss of her boyfriend from a car accident and the fact that she survived it. Heart-aching and tragic. Loss is not easy and this one sounds like it’ll put me through an emotional wringer. That’s part of the reason it’s on my list. That, and I’m a sucker for reading about overcoming such loss and moving on.


What books are on your Christmas list? Tell me in this Fa La La tag! I’m not tagging any blogs on this one, but I truly hope you tag me if you do this one because I’d love to see your wish list! Maybe you even have a few different songs or carols to stick to books on your wishlist. Let me know!


More to come soon…



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Wicked, The Trilogy – A Review

Hey there, bookworms!

So at the beginning of the month, I finished the final book of this trilogy, Brave and promised a review of the series since it is a part of my New Year’s Resolution to read five series. And yes, I’m considering this a series since there are more than two books. You may disagree and that’s A-okay. The Wicked trilogy consists of Wicked, Torn, and Brave. The reviews to them are below:



Wicked: here

Torn: here

Brave: here

If you have read the reviews then you already know just how hard I have gushed and fangirled over this trilogy. I didn’t imagine I’d fall so hard in love with it. While it does get hot and heavy, it’s not just that. Not. At. All. It’s amazing storytelling in a phenomenal city of enthralling danger.

In New Orleans, Ivy Morgan is just trying to hold on to some semblance of normal in her life by going to college. Her entire life has consisted of training and knowing that she could die very young, as many do in this profession because her and others in the same line of work know that humans aren’t the only thing strolling around the French Quarter. She and others known as The Order hunt fae.

Then in comes a new transfer. Ren Owens. Immediately, Ivy is taken off-guard by his bright, forest green eyes and unfiltered charm. They nearly break down her barriers, but after what happened four years ago, she’s not ready to let anybody new into her life. So, she’s even less thrilled when he becomes her new partner.

More so? It seems the world just might be coming to an end. Perfect timing, right? Not only is Ivy struggling with how she feels about Ren, but these two will have to work together to find out what’s behind it and how to stop it, and the secrets they discover along the way will change everything.

While I loved everything from the phenomenal and vibrant depiction of New Orleans, which only makes me want to visit the city even more, to the incredible and mind-blowing character development that left me pining, I still have some questions.

For those of you who haven’t read this yet, be warned. It’s a bit spoiler-y.

Some questions I have and am contemplating:

At one point, Ivy was going to look for Jerome because the cranky cake addict was the last living person aside from mind-bent Merle and that didn’t really happen. It’s just my personal curiosity, but where is he? I mean, he’s alive, right? Ivy still owes him cake LOL.

This next one came directly after it was discovered that Ivy is a halfling. Which of her parents is the fae? Again, a personal curiosity, but still…That’s a story I’d love to hear.

Also, I’m so curious about Tink’s true name. Will Ivy ever be trusted enough to know it?

End of spoiler-worthy talk.

The Characters:

There was so much to love about this series. Going back to the characters, Ren and Ivy had some of the most electric chemistry that I’ve ever felt. My hairs stood up on end a few times and there were shivers to be had. What they have is so natural and realistic and I admired it so much! With the hot and beautiful and smile-worthy came the heartache and cringe-y and awkward. So much awkward. I can’t express enough how much I laughed.

Then there’s the star of this book or at least the one that was the most unforgettable. The last of his kind. Tink, the brownie. Such a little bastard that he is, he’s also sweet in his own way. Except for the fucking troll dolls. That just wasn’t right in the head. He’s one of those rare friends that will always be honest and true and loyal and let you fall on your face while abusing your Amazon and Netflix accounts. But while abusing your Amazon account, they’ll be sure to buy you a cool AF T-shirt because they love you. Much like Ivy and Ren, I can’t pick a favorite part with Tink.

The End:

Coming to the end of this trilogy was actually pretty difficult. It moves at a hard and sharp pace that had no intention of slowing down so I had no idea how it would end, but it did and on a very light and sweet note that left Ivy and Ren’s story open in case it would be returned to later.

Now, there are two novellas out there: 1,001 Nights: The Prince & 1,001 Nights: The King. I’ll have to look into those…

The Author:

When it comes to Jennifer L. Armentrout I must say that she is inspiring. Not only does she create fantastic works of paranormal fiction, fantasy, and YA, but she gives them so much life with her perfectly placed pop culture references, puns, wit, and charm.

Currently, she is writing her spin-off series to LUX deemed the Origin series (which I am also hopelessly addicted to). Also, currently released to paperback is her Dark Elements trilogy about a soul-sucking kiss and gargoyles. Not going to lie, I’ve never read about gargoyles, but I’m definitely interested. I also have Storm & Fury-another new release-on my wishlist and can’t wait to read it.




All in all, such a great series by a top-notch author that brings such fantastic and breathtaking storytelling to a whole new level. If you haven’t read it yet, then I hope you get the chance. In my personal opinion, it’s an instant favorite, especially for those who really enjoy Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tale & Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely Series. This takes them up to a whole new notch, but it’s fae and lusty love with a side of kicking ass and taking no names.

More to comes soon…



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Winter is Over, Summer is Coming… (Brave – A Book Review)

Brave (Wicked #3)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2017

On Goodreads

Scarlet Reader


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Rated E for emotional overdrive that sends not only characters into a frenzy but readers too.


Because behind every evil fae Prince, there’s a Queen…

After torture and dread, Ivy Morgan is finally safe…for the time being. She and Ren have escaped the deadly clutches of fae Prince, Drake, as well as the Order, by hiding in plain sight with the Summer Fae who’ve become unexpected allies. Nobody even knew they were alive. Taking the time to regroup, Ivy is feeling less and less like herself. Something dark and hungry is growing within. Her fae half.

As she struggles to figure out how to handle it, she and others need to make a plan to get rid of Drake once and for all. But when Ren makes a choice he has no right making for Ivy, the results have lasting, painful consequences that could pull them apart.

When unexpected reveals are made, everyone must come together to defeat it, even if it means some of them may not make it out alive. Betrayals are made. Friends are lost. The future is changed forever.

And a queen rises ready to take over the world. Ivy will do whatever it takes to knock her from her would-be throne in New Orleans and save those she loves.


The Wicked trilogy is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 3 of 3.


Wicked – Review Here                           Torn – Review Here

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a huge fan of J. L. A. She is a fantastic storyteller and right up my alley. With the pop cultural references, strong emotions, and fast and powerful storytelling that really keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. This is an author that writes for enjoyment and for readers to enjoy, not to analyze and study in how it relates to the world. Just love and enjoy a good story.

That is exactly the case here. The third and final book of this series was so fantastic I wish I could get out all of the words just right, but as usual, I’m such a jumble of sounds because I loved it so much. Ivy and Ren really encompassed a relationship and rose to my top five favorites. They’re a perfect example that relationships take work. Sometimes you’re going to fight and disagree, but you don’t just give up. You pull through it. You work together. I freaking love them. They’ve got the goals, both sexually and intimately. I can’t be the only one who’s read these books and thought: Damn, wish my sex life was this good. LOL.

Scarlet Reader


The struggles that both Ivy and Ren had separately was great and powerful. Not great because it sucked they were struggling. But the detail and length to show it was. It was so real and getting that from the way they feel and think and how they speak. J. L. A. nailed it. I’ve said it in the last two reviews. I can’t say it enough. She has a way of bringing raw and relatable emotions and it’s among one of my favorite things. It really hooked me.

Side Note: Tink’s fucking troll dolls! Can’t spoil it, but WTF, dude!

Scarlet Reader


An unexpected alliance is made with the Summer Fae. The lore of the Summer Fae and Winter has always been intriguing to me. Summer have always been described with warmth and youth while the Winter are cold and torturous. It’s no different here. I really enjoyed how J. L. A. gave life to both sides of the fae. It’s remarkable and so natural. And the depictions between the two are splendid.

Scarlet Reader


The end of this trilogy was rather quick and precise. It wasn’t that it was rushed. It was just done in a sense that the trilogy actually feels unfinished like it can be added to later down the line. For now, Ivy and Ren can rest in a sense. I really enjoyed that. The fight isn’t over and the series could pick up later, but for now, it’s done and I’m pretty dang satisfied. Well, that’s a lie. I’m satisfied with the ending and that it all came around so well, but I WANT MORE! LOL. I know I know. I’m greedy.



To the point, I LOVE this trilogy. Really fantastic and I can’t believe it’s not more popular. Beautiful and intense and quite a bit of action (take that how you want). It’s my sole belief that J. L. A. is completely underrated and deserves more attention because she is bomb! I really can’t wait to come back to this trilogy one day and I stand by my past remark that it needs to be made into a series on HBO.

Keep a look out for the overall summary of the trilogy!



“You’d think the extra fae-ness would’ve given me a nice heart-shaped bottom of something. That I wouldn’t have complained about.” (Ivy, p. 118)

“Sometimes what is necessary isn’t always right.” (Merle, p. 140)

“Just so you know, I like the idea of my vagina being golden. That’s not an insult.” (Ivy to Kyle, p. 222)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Religion by Skylar Grey.


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Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

You know what they say: you can sleep when you’re dead. LOL. If you’re up at this midnight hour like me then you agree.

This is the Midnight Tease where I share what I’ll be reading and reviewing this month. Maybe you’ll see a couple of books that pique your interest, or that you’ve read already and want to get your chattiness on about it.

I can’t believe we’re in June already. Halfway through 2019. Wow. Summer is my favorite season. All the warmth and sunshine and green. I can’t get enough. I also get to see one of my best friends who visits once a year and I’m so excited.

I know there are also some recent releases I’m excited about like Broken Throne by Victoria Aveyard and Finale by Stephanie Garber. Both of these authors are phenomenal. I’ve really loved their books and can’t wait to read these!

Anyway, before I get too carried away, here’s what going on here on The Scarlet Reader this month!


Coming Soon…       

Midnight Tease


All Souls Trilogy: A Discovery of Witches, The Shadow of Light, and The Book of Life
Author: Deborah Harkness
Scarlet Reader

Pretty Sassy Cool

I have heard so many amazing things about this spellbinding trilogy and the show was beautiful and breathtaking. I don’t think I can’t fully put into words just how excited I am about finally getting to read this trilogy.


The First Men in the Moon
H. G. Wells
Scarlet Reader

Penguin Random House

Such a great author. I really enjoyed The Time Machine.


Wolves of Calla
Author: Stephen King

Wolves of Calla - Barnes and Noble

On my own journey to The Dark Tower.


Author: Darren Shan

Scarlet Reader

A long while ago, I was going to start this series. Finally doing it.


Author: Amy Plum
Scarlet Reader





Good Omens
Author: Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
Scarlet Reader



Author: Kresley Cole
Scarlet Reader



The Host
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Scarlet Reader



Wizard in the Glass
Author: Stephen King

Wizard and Glass - Amazon


Up for Review…

Midnight tease II - giphy


Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Scarlet Reader


Little Monsters
Author: Kara Thomas
Scarlet  Reader - little monsters



The Last Magician & The Devil’s Thief
Author: Lisa Maxwell
Scarlet Reader


Loading it up this month and with some epic reads if I do say so myself! Have a happy June!


More to come soon…



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I Am What I Am (Torn – A Book Review)

Torn (Wicked Trilogy #2)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2016

On Goodreads

Scarlet Reader


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Rated D for a deceiving little halfling that actually feels guilty about it.


Torn between duty and survival, nothing can be the same.

Ivy Morgan has just made the horrific discovery that she’s a halfling. Half human, half fae. Her life will never be the same. She can’t tell anyone in the Order or it’ll be the end for her. Stake-in-her-heart end. But, she has to think about what to do next because the doors to the Otherworld were opened and the deadly Fae Prince was freed. He’ll be looking for a halfling so that he can open all of the doors and fae-ageddon the planet. Ivy must hurry to figure out how to kill the prince before he discovers her first.

She grew up, taught that fae are meant to be hunted and killed, but what will she do now that she’s one of them?

Then there’s Ren Owens. Tattooed, charming and, an Elite member of the Order, he’s meant to kill her, kill halflings. She hasn’t cared about anyone this much in a very long time. After what they’ve been through, could he handle this? Or would he do his duty and end her even though he’s claimed her heart for himself.


 The Wicked trilogy is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 2 of 3.


Scarlet Reader


Wicked: Review Here


The momentum of this trilogy has only increased with book two. Still in the city of New Orleans, the gate that Ivy and the Order fought to protect from the fae was opened thanks to an unexpected betrayal from Val, who Ivy thought was her friend, and out came not only a mass amount of fae but the Fae Prince as well. More so, Ivy is pretty sure she’s falling in love with Ren though if he found out about her being a halfling She’s pretty sure he’d kill her. Her struggle with this life-changing discovery is heartbreaking and intense and it shaped the entire story.

This book rides on sheer emotion. From wit to steamy to heartache, I’m even more obsessed than before. Torn also much darker than Wicked. Laced with twists, secrets, and even more wickedness that twisted my gut. Trying to figure out how to drop the news that you’re the one thing everyone wants dead, to the ones you love the most, is tricky and impossible business. It’s like ripping duct-tape off. Painful, searing, and a must in order to be free.

How does one deal with news like that? While I won’t give away the spoilers of that, I will say that everything changes. This was a rough ride, but it was also fun and addicting.



I’m still in love with these characters! Even though some are backstabbers, they’re still so perfectly written. My favorite brownie, Tink, is still a pain with his strange infatuation with troll dolls. I still love Ivy and Ren even though this new complication is risking their new relationship. And the prince is actually frightening. One hell of a villain and he’s just getting started. The way Armentrout gives life to these characters is hilarious and beautiful and still so real. She gives them these qualities that I’ve found so rarely in other books. The great awkward and even heartbreaking moments that occur in the real world.

Scarlet Reader


The mega-twists from the last book come full circle here and they knocked the wind right out of me. I actually had to reread some parts. It was wild! They really snuck up on me, though there were times I had a sneaky feeling something weird was going down. This one was much more unpredictable and I really loved that.



This trilogy gets even better with this book! So good and so yummy and so much more danger! While this book mostly centers around how to handle this world-ending secret (literally one of those) it’s much more than that. It’s the consequence and the result of it too. While approaching the very magical, this book approaches the very human too. Armentrout really covered all of the areas. I couldn’t get enough. Definitely going up in my favorites bookshelf.



“We value freedom above anything else.” (Prince Drake to Ivy, p. 290)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Infinity by Niykee Heaton.


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You’re Not You (The Darkest Star – A Book Review)

The Darkest Star (Origin #1)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2018

On Goodreads

Scarlet Reader - The Darkest Child

My Rating:Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

In the world of the Lux

secrets thrive

lies shatter

and love is undeniable.

Evie Dasher knows the devastating consequences of war between humanity and the otherworldly Luxen. The world has been forever changed. Both humans and Luxen struggle to live in harmony. Fellow classmates are protesting Luxen. Luxen are disappearing everywhere. Laws are threatening to segregate them.

When Evie meets Luc at a club known for its partying with Luxen and humans, she decides she can’t stand him. He tells her he isn’t human, but isn’t Luxen either. Then her life is threatened by someone from his past? She discovers that he’s hiding something…about her? It doesn’t add up since he’d never met her before. Her mind is overloading with endless questions and her growing feelings for Luc leave her in a tailspin. The most complicated one yet: Who is she really?

Everyone seems to know but her.

This is a spin-off series from LUX. It’s not a series you have to read in order to understand this one, but I do HIGHLY recommend it because one, it’s really good, and two, there are throwbacks to it in the book. Many made me ridiculously giddy. There were character cameos that I was squealing like a moron about. So good to have a throwback.

Armentrout’s style and vocabulary is fun and spunky. I loved it! I also found it eerie like I did with her LUX series, because a little over ¾ of it is how I really speak. It was loco nuts. There were some lines I had to reread because I couldn’t believe words and phrases that I use every day were actually in this book. I’m sure many people are mind blown with an author that captures you like a Pokémon in a pokeball. It’s like meeting your book doppelgänger.

The book reflects on weirdness and that good ol’fashioned teenage drama and is clear and present and that’s always enticing.

Ink and Bone

Much like its predecessor, the story takes place in a smallish town with close-knit friends. One of the great things about this, is that if you’ve read LUX, you already have the lowdown on the thrifty-nifty abilities these luscious Luxen have as well as the abilities of the mysterious Origins. If not, it’s an awesome surprise. Everything is original and unique. I was pretty shocked as I got further and further into the book because I didn’t know what to expect. Diving back into the LUX universe was exactly what I hoped for. Fresh, yet reminiscent. Completely new, yet you know nothing’s truly changed in a kind of satisfying way. mindblown

I really enjoyed getting an in-depth look at a storyline I had always been curious about. Luc and his best friend. The struggle between species is at the forefront of themes as is revenge and identity crisis. Each are pretty big issues today, though a couple are more personal and others are worldwide. Each broke my heart in different ways. These themes broke into my emotions and really got them pouring out into the real world, especially Evie’s great struggle with everything she thought she knew. Truth bombshells hurt no matter what and figuring out that you’re not really you is a nuclear mushroom-cloud-sized one.

I got some odd looks and even the occasional, “Are you okay?” from people while reading. I get very into books.

Luc and Evie, the main characters, are such opposites, except that they aren’t. Armentrout playing around with that was so much fun. She’s paranoid, kind, and loyal. He’s sarcastic, bold, and determined. Both are extremely caring and have this undeniable magnetism toward each other. I enjoyed their banter, and especially loved when Evie would start talking to herself. She’s pretty funny. The tension between the two of them could vary and only from the reader’s POV honestly. It all depends on if you read LUX (so you probably should). If you have, you already know about EVERYTHING and therefore their chemistry is far more intense. And I biting my nails, waiting anxiously for that epic moment. If not however, it’s possible that they come off as overdramatic.

Scarlet Reader


I won’t say this story reached some deep level, thought-provoking spot with me. It didn’t. It touched on some real world issues that are important, sure. Rather, this brought some phenomenal entertainment and spectacular sci-fi and fantasy and adventure with a decent sized side of sweet and sour romance. That’s okay. Not every book has to propel me into super intense issues. I’ve once again been swept away into the LUX world and am quite okay with that. This was fresh and brand new. I really enjoyed this and look forward to rereading it in the future. I can’t WAIT to read the next installment!

Side Note: I’m still hoping a television show gets made for LUX.


“You just took creepy to a creeptastic level of unknown proportions.” (Evie to Luc, p. 33)

“Sometimes the truth is worse than the lie.” (Sylvia, p. 101)

“The world is your oyster and I’m your pearl.” (Luc to Evie, p. 136)

“Good people do terrible things when they believe in what they’re doing.” (Luc, p. 178)

“Sometimes the truth is hidden as a form of protection.” (Zoe, p. 335)

More to come soon…


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P.S. Song today? Paper Thin by Astrid S.

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The Human Next Door (LUX: Oblivion – A Book Review)

Oblivion: A LUX novel
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2015

Oblivion - amazon

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


In Obsidian, Katy moves to Petersburg, West Virginia, and her life is never the same after meeting the Blacks, her next door neighbors. She never imagined aliens being real and she especially never expected to fall in love with one.

Now, in Oblivion, Daemon and Dee Black are still coming to terms with the loss of their brother and triplet, Dawson. And then, Katy Swartz moves into the house next door and all kinds of alarms go off in Daemon Black’s head. As a Luxen, the worst thing that can happen is for a human to get too close, and one living just next door is too close. Determined to keep her at arm’s length, his sister has other plans. She wants to be friends with their new neighbor and doesn’t care what her brother thinks.

That doesn’t mean he won’t find ways to make it impossible for Dee. It’s hard enough trying not give away that they’re aliens. His attempts to keep the two girls from being friends don’t end well, especially for him. Going back on what he swore (read Shadows), he begins to fall for her, though hiding it under a massive heap of denial. With dangers lurking in the shadows, he has to keep denying his feelings, if not for Katy’s safety than for his sister’s. If only he could stay away from Katy.

Inconceivable - Giphy

I read this after finishing the entire series. It felt more special that way, like coming full circle.

I was quite surprised when I read this book. I knew that Daemon would have some dislike for Katy, but it caught me off guard that it was more than I expected. He wanted to burn her house to the ground and hadn’t met her yet! Dang!

burn - Giphy

The heat that was in Obsidian was amplified threefold in this book. Capturing the essence of Daemon was something to behold. Witnessing the change in him from beginning to end was phenomenal. I loved seeing the person(…alien?) he became while around Katy. There was only glimpses at Daemon’s thoughts and feelings, guarded and unknown, when reading from her POV. It was like a dam breaking. The final pieces completing a puzzle. Everything we ever wanted to know and even more. This is a perfect example of writing the same story from two different perspectives. Neither story is the same in any way. Well, not true. The love and electricity that carries between the two characters is one.

The only thing that bothered me was Daemon’s tone. Every once in a while it didn’t sound like him at all from what I gathered in the Shadows and Origin and Opposition. I just found myself shaking my head here and there with befuddlement. More often than not though, I shook my head when the Daemon I discovered during the journey through LUX reared his head high and proud for being a sarcastic, narcissistic, caring young man.

This book astounded me. At first it was a bumpy ride, but when I finally got into it, I was a giggling puddle yet again. As I’m sure I’ve said before, I’m not into sci-fi. Not very much. Yet I fell into LUX so easily. Granted, there were other reason too, but that’s beside the point. Maybe I’ll tell you about it one day. All in all, this series is high up on my list.

I’ll be returning to this series one day. Until then….see you later, LUX.

P.S. Still picturing Daemon Black as this one….

Daemon - wattpad

It’s not my fault. It just happened! It was the smirk, I’m telling you.



“The stars I stared at held no answers, and as I slowly lowered my gaze, I found my staring at the bedroom window of the house next door, my new problem. There was a part of me that had accepted there was nothing I was going to be able to do to stop Dee and her from getting closer, but I couldn’t just let it go.” (Daemon, p. 43)

“Closing my eyes, I swore under my breath. This thing with Kat…it was getting ridiculous, and it was unacceptable. Completely unacceptable.” (Daemon, p. 141)

“Something unexpected happened to my chest. It felt like someone had walked right up to me and socked me in it. I might’ve stopped breathing.” (Daemon, p. 261)

“My people believe that when we pass on, our essence is what lights the stars in the universe.” (Daemon, p. 312)


More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Always Be Together by Little Mix.