Ruination Finds You in the Darkest Places (A Touch of Ruin – A Book Review)

A Touch of Ruin (Hades x Persephone #2)

Author: Scarlet St. Clair

Published: 2020

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Rated S for godly secrets, sex, scary stalking, and shocking devastation.

Sometimes the Fates weave ruin.

Persephone’s relationship with Hades is now in the limelight and she wished it wasn’t. It’s affecting her job, and life, and it threatens to expose her as the Goddess of Spring. To make matters worse, her mother, Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, is breathing down her neck.

Tragedy strikes, adding to her stress. Persephone crosses lines that she can’t undo after Hades refuses to help her. While their relationship sits on rocky ground, Persephone must simmer in the consequences of the destructive choices she’s made. In the face of such pain, how can she ever become the queen of the Underworld?

Hades x Persephone Reviews


A Touch of Darkness


Persephone faced new trials and tragedies in this installment. From an ex from Hades’s past re-entering the picture to the loss of somebody dear to challenging the God of Music, Apollo, her hands are full. She delved deeper into the world of godliness and gained insight she didn’t expect. The same can be said about humans. Still straddling the world of mortal and immortal, Persephone makes a few decisions that will have incredible consequences and cost her big time.

This was such a major read! So many huge and memorable moments that snatched my heart from my body. From giddiness to sheer sorrow that had me in tears, this one did it all. From Persephone trying to handle such a publicized relationship to losing somebody incredibly dear to being stalked, my heart was racing.


Lexa. Such a fantastic character I came to love so much. So kind, spunky, and supportive. And so my emotions were totally wrecked beyond recognition at the possibility of losing her. It was unfair. I completely understand why Persephone went to such drastic lengths for Lexa. When you love somebody so much, you’ll defy all the odds for them and damn all of the rules. At the start of this, I was telling myself that if anything happened to this precious soul I would lose my shit and some serious words would be had. I totally lost my shit. And I cried. I was not okay. Still not, actually.

The God of Music, Apollo, is quite the douche. LOL. I will never get over how every author who’s ever written about Apollo always portrays him in varying degrees of douchery. It cracks me up. His arc was a unique one. It defied his mythos. Clair could’ve taken this to a dark place but instead flipped his script. Persephone went after him in the name of one of her friends, disregarding Hades’s plea for her not to. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do because of what’s right. It’s a spirit I love to see in characters. Of course, it also comes with its own lessons, which she learned. And I love that in characters, too. Persephone gained insight and he gained outlook as they got to know each other through the deal she made with him. I was deeply impressed and amused.

Exes are never easy. That especially goes for Hades’s exes. Sparking jealousy and insecurity, Persephone was a fecking champion facing Leuce head-on with grace and a level head. Still, it added to her already existing worries. Hades’s turned out to be hiding quite a bit of his life from her and she’s only just touching the tip…sorry for the pun. The opportunity was there. Hehe.

With so much drama and whirlwind emotion, a dark and unsettling chill swept through me because of Persephone’s stalker. It was predictable who it was, but it was scary as hell watching Persephone interact with him and not know. I was holding my breath in terror. I’ve been down this road and am lucky it didn’t get far.

Clair’s build and exploration of her characters are continuously outstanding. Leuce wasn’t just some floozy for Hades. She was the one to prove that even the God of the Dead can get his heart broken. The added journey for Leuce pulled Persephone deeper into the Godly world and questioned her ability to give them a second chance when others refused. It stacks so well on her mythos. She builds her characters so beautifully and doesn’t disregard anything they’ve already been through. She doesn’t breeze through for only the drama but creates such deep and intimate characters.


The sex is still so fecking good. There’s no getting around saying this. As integral as the other parts of Persephone’s life are, like her work, family, and friends, so is this. It’s not just her either. Hades has proven to also be opening up in ways he never expected with her, coming forth about his own struggles to open up because he’s afraid of losing her. This was certainly a unique and unexpected development because he’s so typically closed off in general. And, damn. If I’m not a puddle every freaking time. Clair manages to not only show not only new area to explore that further this intimate part of Persephone and Hades’ relationship, but it goes deeper.


Clair so intricately weaves between multiple arcs with speed and expertise. I’m floored. There was so much happening but not once was I lost or felt jarred. This was woven together like the Fates who weave on their loom (which I also look forward to seeing when they come into play because I’ve totally seen the hints at them). Sometimes it may feel a tad over the top or seem a little drawn out but it doesn’t even bother me during this series. I want it to last forever. The imagery remains stunning, clutching to me with its claws. So powerful and the expansion of the world-building with Hades’s other nightclub, Iniquity, and Apollo’s world was incredible. I love love LOVE when an author gives more. I’m already gluttonous, greedy, lusty, and the rest of the sins, so yes, feed me more. LOL. All around, it’s perfect.


I continue to fall deeper into this series. So rich and dark and hits all of the sweet spots that make me love a book. And the gorgeous cover is tantalizing with its fiery blooms. From beginning to end, I am still obsessed and I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. This is my number one on my favorite mythos reads.

I’m also still wishing on nearly every star and airplane for a TV show.


“Everyone deserves compassion, Hades. Even in death.” (Persephone to Hades, p. 71)

“You are my weakness, losing you is my greatest fear, and your love is my most treasured possession.” (Hades to Persephone, p. 110)

“Consequences for Gods? There are none.” (p. 259)

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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