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Hey there, bookworms!

It couldn’t get more simple than this. Though choosing only one book per genre that you would recommend above all is quite tricky. Still, I managed it. This tag, though as basic as it is, came to me when I was trying to recommend to someobdy I know. This also gave me an opportunity to look back on all the books I’ve read and pick out my top contenders. Now, that’s not just the ones that made me weak in the knees but also the ones that made quite a statement.

Take a scroll and take a look at books that have topped each genre. Maybe you’ll agree that they’re top-notch> Maybe you’ll add them to your own TBR. Maybe you’ll give this tag a go and show off thte books you think are among the best in their genres.

Feel free to take on this tag and add other genres as well! Just be sure to tag me because I’d love to see what impactful books you choose!


All Souls Trilogy
Author: Deborah Harkness
Pretty Sassy Cool

Though this trilogy cover many genres, it topped the coverall: fiction. Incredible writing and stunning visuals of a world I can only dream of.


The Princess Diarist
Author: Carrie Fisher

I’m not big on non-fiction since I live it enough. Still, I couldn’t pass up reading the memoir on the icon I share a birthday with. Bold, blunt, and revealing. Fisher had nothing to hide and all the humor in the world to share her life.

Young Adult

Caraval trilogy
Author: Stephanie Garber

I got so lost in this book and would’ve stayed in it if I could’ve. There’s something curious and enticing about running away to join a circus and livign a life of freedom. In this book that was the case, but losing it all was also possible.


I Would Leave Me If Could
Author: Halsey

Halsey is a phenom music artist and here, she shared the deepest, darkest parts of herself from crevices I could have imagined were there. She has an incredible talent for this genre. She bends it to her will like a master.


Crazy Rich Asians
Author: Kevin Kwan

I saw the movie and decided I would finally cave to the books. Talk about outstanding! You’ll get immersed in a culture, no, you’ll travel it and live it. Stylish, lush, funny, and evocative.


The Last Magician series
Author: Lisa Maxwell

Jam-packed with theivery and determination to save the future. This is a non-stop bustling and intense story with magic, gangsters, and world altering history. A gripping page-turner.


Where the Crawdads Sing
Author: Delia Owens

I’m not big on mystery, but here we are. A tragic coming-of-age tale durign the 1960s that is embroiled in romance and murder mystery. Though I was kept on the hook with this one, wanting the main character to be okay, I was so easiliy lost in the gorgeous imagery of the marsh and its poetry.


The Game
Author: Linsey Miller

Not a very long read, but it was intriguing. What should’ve been a fun game of assassins during senior year turned deadly. Attention-grabbing and it’ll leave you guessing.


Slade House
Author: David Mitchell

Spooky. Nothing like a creepy house that eats people.


Life is Strange
Author: Emma Vieceli

Such an incredible journey of time travel, tragedy, and trying to save the one you love. Gets the heart oozing with all kinds of feels.


Dark and Shallow Lies
Author: Ginny Sain Myers

This has to be one of the best books I’ve read this year. Spooky, enthralling, friendship, and a great deal of mystic magic amid ominous mystery. A murder, a loss, a possible monster. Out on the bayou, in the dark, secrets will surface and danger will come for everyone.

Science Fiction

Ender’s Game
Author: Orson Scott Card

A sci-fi epic that spans lifetimes. A game of war that’s not actually a game and will alter the lives of children forever.

Classic Literature

Lord of the Flies
Author: William Golding

Is it a fight for survival or the nature of man that could kill these children stranded in the wild. This was an intense and gut-wrenching novel that has always stuck with me. It was a true fight between nature vs. nuture.


Author: Art Spiegelman

Such a difficult read and one of hte most recent books added to the banned book list. I am still shaken that it was added to the list, but I’m shaken by the fact that there’s such a list anyway. This is true tale told through the perspective of mice about one father’s survival through the Holocaust is heartbreaking. You will experience a life-altering trauma from a time of sheer fear and terror. The Holocaust isn’t something you should try to shield from children, especially if we’re hopign to prevent history from repeating itself. Incredible art, outstanding storytelling, and a creative imagining that offers mercy to the reader where his father had none durign such a dark time in history.

More to come soon…


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