Are You There, Gods? It’s Me, Stupidity (Apollyon – A Book Review)

Apollyon (Covenant #4)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: 2013

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Rated R for repetitive falling into ridiculous.

Fate isn’t something to mess with…and now, neither is Alex.

Alex doesn’t like admitting being afraid but she is. Surviving the Awakening, she’s worried she could lose herself to it again, especially with Seth and Lucian trying to lure her away from her friends. A war is brewing and the gods’ involvement escalates the cost of trying to save the world.

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I’m trying to sort out where to start. LOL.

Alex has regained control of herself. That’s a plus. But, now the gods are coming out to play and that’s not good for anyone. Still, with Aiden by her side, Alex will take on everyone to stop Seth and Lucian from enslaving the world. This was good in theory. It definitely took the series sot the next level…or at least it would have.


This book felt like it had drive, but it wasn’t fully thought out and had bits of eye-catching pop cultural add-ins that just felt like it was for the author’s benefit. Not the reader’s. It came across quite fanfiction-like. It was disappointing. I don’t think the references needed to be pointed out so blatantly as if the reader is dumb. Those who know them will be excited. Those who don’t know them don’t get the luxury of that excitement.

Seth, Alex, and Aiden have officially crossed and played on my last nerve. With Alex determined to take on the war by herself and Aiden determined ot leave her out of it as if she’s fragile, I was ready to kill both of them. I don’t typically eel that way about main characters. This endless circle could’ve ended if Aiden would just accept Alex as she is and the two work to get her ready for the fight. But nope. No equal ground between these two on this front. And Seth’s “Angel” this and “Angel” that…he needed a sock stuffed in his pie-hole. These three turned into three childish characters that had no business taking on a war at all. There was nothing throughout the book that justified any of them.

See You in a Porridge

Common sense. I couldn’t find any between all of the characters. Hell, even Alex said she ignored hers. If anybody had any, I might not have rebelled against this book so hard. But the lack of it and stupid impulses they had made this book a slaughterhouse of stupidity and I was heartbroken about it. Every decision went in the wrong direction and made so little sense that it’s no wonder so many people died.


All of the senseless death took me over the edge. I thought I’d already gone over it, but I was wrong. So very wrong. There are the heavy losses and sacrifices in battle and the emotional despair that comes with it. Caleb definitely gave that heartache, but what came in this book didn’t feel like that. It came across forced as if a higher death toll was a clickbait. There was no emotion or build-up to make me feel anything.

And the retreat back into nothing but training scenes was draining. I am not sure why there’s so much of this. It’s so unnecessary to go through every little step of the training. I feel like it was just inserted to take up space because maybe JLA didn’t know what else to put into the book. I couldn’t keep reading about training and had to skip over it.


I have that impulse that when I start something I have to finish it. This series sadly fell under that impulse. Not happy about it. JLA is typically fantastic, but this isn’t it. I tried to find something to hold onto in this installment but I just couldn’t. Poorly executed and a farce to the action-fantasy genres. There wasn’t enough heart in the characters and they had zero bend and development. If you can’t tell from the review, I lost all ability to be invested in the book and plot. What a mess. Tragic.

I am still wishing for this series to be redone in some deluxe fashion because I know JLA is such a great writer, and this just isn’t her.

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