A Woe of the Gods (Deity – A Book Review)

Deity (Covenant #3)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: 2012

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My Rating:

Rated D for dramatic overtures and drastic measures amidst predictable betrayal.

History is on repeat, and things didn’t go well the last time.

Alex isn’t sure she’ll make it to her eighteenth birthday AKA her Awakening. Though she spends much of her time with Seth, training and preparing, it doesn’t seem like enough. More so, she’s caught up in her confused emotions. Seth claims to have feelings for her, but it seems otherwise while Aiden claims the opposite.

Caught in the midst of confessions and betrayals, Alex must decide what she will do next. When the gods begin revealing themselves lives along with the world are forever changed.

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At this point, the chemistry between the characters is all gone. That’s fine and whatever since I’m only holding onto Alex and whatever happens to her, which is a lot. From gods revealing themselves during her darkest moments and coming to her aid while others plotted her downfall, to visiting a good friend unexpectedly. She had a wild ride during this book.

And if I had to ship her with anyone-this is that kind of book-it’s going to be Aiden. He proved himself a bit and I was surprised. It just sucked that it seemed too late and more a life and death type reason. More so, I was NOT a fan of Seth drawing Alex’s power from her body against her will. That is assault and disgusting. The fact that he was brainwashed so easily was horrifying. His abilities and physical form may be top shape, but his brains are at a zero. Disappointing.


However, while I found this installment more disturbing than enjoyable because Alex was treated like nothing more than an object, I found appreciation in the surprise twists. From Leon being more than he appeared to Alex’s discovery about her father. Even Alex’s trip to death’s door was intense. Enough so that I actually gasped. Easily the best part.


Outside the story, the writing and world-building was still lacking. I still struggled too much of this into my mind eye.  You know, the place where you don’t register the words on the page anymore and only see the moving picture of the book? That. There were a few parts that were crystal clear but then it faded so quickly. Like, these were the key scenes and the rest were filler.


Still a sad and disappointing series but I’m hanging on in hopes Alex gets away from all of these people and succeeds in destroying Seth. A girl can dream.


“It was official. The gods were overgrown children.” (Alex, p. 216)

“Prophecies always change, Alexandria. Nothing in our world is set in stone. And power never flows just one way. The key is finding a way to reverse it.” (Artemis to Alex, p. 358)

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