The Heroes of Olympus – A Review

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How are you doing? Read anything good lately? I know I’ve finally completed The Heroes of Olympus. It’s the fourth of five book series that are a part of my New Year’s Resolution. The series took me on quite the ride! Below, you can check out the reviews on them.

The Heroes of Olympus
Author: Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero

The Son of Neptune

The Mark of Athena

The House of Hades

The Blood of Olympus

Now, I still have The Dark Tower series and my bonus series: All Souls trilogy to complete. However, I must admit, my imagination and hopes were high than what I could complete. I won’t be completing my resolution. My entire goal this year was to get some series in. I love a story that goes on and on. The ones I picked were and are phenomenal. I haven’t been let down by them.

Now, this current one I just completed really got to the heart of one of my favorite subjects. Greek Mythology. The tales and heroes and villains and battles and magic and Gods…I could go on. It’s mystical and utterly breathtaking, though originally most of the mythos is dark and twisted and grim. Riordan has given them light and also gotten readers interested in them, keeping them alive. Quite beautiful.

THO is the second installment in the Percy Jackson series. I read Percy Jackson a few years back thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it. I accept that I was totally WRONG! LOL. Modernism collides with Greek Mythology perfectly, like it’s still with us today. Utterly breathtaking and splendid. This installment moved forward with the characters. They were growing up and so were these books in a way. There were new characters with old ones we know so well, like Percy and Annabeth. The development took storytelling to a whole new level. It’s something to be appreciated because life changes and Riordan was true to change.

Starting with goddess induced memory loss to traveling the world on a warship to battling monsters to fighting they’re way out of Tartarus. Old faces returned, like Calypso and Nico Di Angelo and it was incredibly welcoming. The adventure was new with new monsters and news foes as well as old ones. The introduction of Roman mythology and the gods and how they interweaved together was beautiful and incredible. Utterly magnificent. I enjoyed the series so much and really need to reread The Apollo Trials.

Did I have a favorite and least favorite in the series? Not really. They all brought something a little different that I enjoyed. And, I can’t express this enough, there was so much that was different because this isn’t just about Percy Jackson anymore. He’s moving on. Personally, and feel free to disagree, I think that’s where fans of PJ get a little lost. This is Percy and the others getting ready to move on and others getting introduced. Just my little opinion. On the main point, if I had to pick a favorite of the series it’d be the final book: The Blood of Olympus. It was the great battle that they’ve been waiting for and there was so much happening! All of my emotions came through while reading this one. The unity of two cultures coming together was exemplary.

In the end, do I recommend it? Definitely. It doesn’t matter what age you are. This is an amazing series. Start with Percy Jackson through.

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The Scarlet Reader

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