A Drink of Disparagement (Whiskey Words & a Shovel III – A Book Review)

Whiskey Words & A Shovel III

Author: R. H. Sin

Published: 2017

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My Rating:

Rated S for a short delivery in what could’ve been an epic finale.

I hope something good finds you.

Sin truths of his own through his own eyes on matters of love, life and finally leaving in this final book of the series. Unlike the previous volumes, all bets are off. There are no lines he doesn’t cross to share his personal values with high and emotional energy. His message of determination and perseverance is louder now than ever in the coda of his work in this collection. Fight for the life you deserve.

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This collection was wonderful. Absolutely stunning. That being said, this final installation fell incredibly flat. Repeating much of the previous mantras of the second volume, I just didn’t feel the same magic as the first volume. Much angrier and vocalizing a lot more in a blunt manner, caused the tone of this collection to drop into a downwards spiral of

There are still many poems of the first volume I think about that got me lost in the magic of feeling wonder amid such powerful emotions. This volume came across as more of a rant. It was shocking but not revolutionary in its expression. The lines didn’t take me anywhere but, in some cases, felt like an attack. Amanda Lovelace has a similar style but she really amplifies her work with empowerment.

The back and forth between love and the angry turmoil of the heart was one hell of a whiplash that made me feel all kinds of stressed. The flip-flopping made this book feel out of sync. Maybe if this would’ve been done in parts like life, death, and rebirth style then I may have felt differently.


This was sadly a disappointing finale. Starting from a place of struggle, heartache, and blossoming love, I didn’t expect this to go downward the way it did and end in a puddle of “feck you” with an attempt to inspire that didn’t get


your past. (p. 18)
I shouldn’t be bothered
by the things that happened
before me, before us

and I know that your past
belongs only to you
but it’s your demons
that keep me awake as night

as I search for some sort
of emotional relief
under the moon in the darkness

after life. (p. 19)
I’ve been dying to stay alive
I’ve been dying to survive you

self-talk.  (p. 103)
some of the most honest conversations
I’ve ever had
were in a room
occupied by just me and my own voice.

eligible. (p. 173)
single but worthy of love
and willing to wait for it.

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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