There’s Always A Curse (Nancy Drew: The Curse – A Book Review)

Nancy Drew: The Curse

Author: Micol Ostow 

Published: 2020

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My Rating:

Rated D for dangling legs, disturbing messages, disappearing teens, and one determined teen detective.

“Horseshoe Bay does love its curses.” (p. 162)

Based on the hit show on the CW, here comes the prequel. Nancy Drew is a natural at solving mysteries, but this time the stakes are higher than ever before. She must work fast to solve the curse of Naming Day after her best friend is threatened and then disappears. Typically, Nancy Drew doesn’t believe in such things as legends and the supernatural but that might just be changing.

I saw this and at first it was the cover and it’s mysterious, yet gorgeous display of color and artwork that got me. Then I swiped it because I fell in love with the show so FAST. As you know, I am not a mystery-type. But, The CW has really put a twist on the classic story by putting some real supernatural in there to get Nancy really thinking. The first season was quite spooky and thrilling, So I was pretty stoked for this one and it started out pretty basic by laying out the premise pretty quick, which was fine with me. Plus, I love a good curse!


Getting to see how high school and life for Nancy was before the series was quite enlightening. Nancy’s gumption and determination is still the same and never-changing, but her openness and how she carries herself is. There’s but one moment where George and Ace make a cameo. Nancy’s high school friends Daisy and Lena were really different. Buoyant and outgoing. It really showed a major difference between here and Nancy’s life after high school. More so, I can’t help but wonder if there will be a cameo of Daisy and Lena in the series later on.


I loved getting to know Nancy a little bit more. On the show, she was just as much a mystery as the mystery she was solving was. Blocked off from others. The strong sense of self she has is a trait I think many people only dream of. She never lets anyone step all over her and has zero tolerance for anyone that tells her what to do or how to act. She’s legit a ‘chosen one’. Much like Buffy Summers, Claire Danvers, and even Damon Salvatore. One that stems from a life that circles around themselves to one that circles around others they can help and save. It can be a lonely life that deals in loss a bit more often than most, but Nancy has done well handling it. She’s one of the toughest characters I’ve seen in a long while. Spunky, fierce, and strong.

I have to say, the tone of this book really kept me going. From sounding utter grave to keeping me curious with its chilling one-liners. It’s just perfect for the Halloween season. I never thought I’d be a Nancy Drew person, but this upgrade she’s been given reeled me in. Also, the visions and creepy messages that Nancy received really pushed the story and gave it those touches of horror that really perked the story up. There were a lot of well-placed bits in this book that truly kept me invested.


A fun read and definitely a quick one. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s an impactful one, but entertaining? Quite. The classic touch and modern flare come together with this one.


“Peel back the veneer of any charming America small town, and you’re bound to uncover the black, rotting heart that lurks beneath.” (p. 1)

“Bodies of water can give life, or they can take it. And human bodies can sink.” (p. 35)

“Every good love story starts with a solid plan B.” (Parker to Nancy, p. 94)

“Humanity’s always been suspicious at heart.” (Glynnis, p. 115)

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