Reclaiming the Heart (Whiskey, Words & a Shovel I – A Book Review)

Whiskey, Words & a Shovel I

Author: R. H Sin

Published: 2015

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My Rating:

Rated P for the push and pull of longing and working to love yourself and find the love you deserve. Surprisingly, no dead bodies like you were silently expecting.

A connection to the soul and heart, this book follows the journey and love the author shares with his partner, Samantha King. Though the author speaks of his love for King often, he also shares in his poetry how King is like every woman who’s been through a hard time, struggled, and felt like she wasn’t good enough. He’s reminding all of them that they are worth it and are worthy of love.

I’ve read a lot of poetry and I get pretty picky about it. It’s a wonderful blend of writing and art. The imagery is powerful and emotional. Sin went beyond what I expected and dug deeply into both. I expected something that tipped on the darker side of love, like a dark tale being told, but this was the total opposite. It was loving, encouraging, mindful, and beautiful.

Sin impressed a great deal of thoughtful kindness and love. His muse, Samantha King helped him to create a lyrical collection that almost seemed too fantastical. With his usage of sultry with sweet and strength with struggle was so well-balanced. From stars to lightning to a well-timed usage of *fuck*. I really enjoyed this. He encompassed such a central part of the heart and the war that can ensue inside of it. It’s a chaos humans are often familiar with but cannot always put to words.

His themes varied from stars to thought to words themselves. Sin didn’t stick to any one particular thing, but his message was consistent. He was very bold with his prose, calling the sparks of the heart and not only that, but of women. There is no hint of emasculate. No, it’s sheer amazement and awe. Most definitely in a good way. He was very to the point and I find that to be delightful. Not only that, but the bite of humor was an added surprise and


Lovely. A worthwhile collection I can put a lot of appreciation into.


with lightning (p.7)

she is a storm
a magnificent force
writing her life’s story
in lightning
just be (p. 27)

be strong
be educated
be opinionated
be independent
you will only offend
the weak
you will only frighten
the closed-minded
and you will never
be appreciated
by those who don’t
deserve you presence
and that’s completely fine
among stars (p. 51)

every night
the stars
envy her
modern barter (p.62)

bargaining using sex
either way
you get screwed
heart rate (p. 135)

the pulse of my heart
has been screaming
for you

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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