Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book deviants!

If this is your first time to a Speedy Quote Sunday then awesome! Howdy! Hi! Welcome!

This is a post I am working to get back into. I love doing it so much. Last year, it got off track. The pressure and stress of life really depleted my blog and this post took a serious hit. The SQS is where I share a couple quotes from books I’ve read and enjoyed (maybe) that have struck me with awe and touched my book-addicted heart. I enjoy getting a chance to share these. It’s like the whole, “it’s the little things” shpeal. I find that there are a lot of little things I like, this being one of them. I get to share with you guys and who knows, maybe you’ll share a favorite line of yours with me.

Oh, the speedy part of this? These days, people are fast scrollers. So this is a quick read, a blaze through, that you can enjoy without feeling like it’s a waste of time.

Here are a few favorite lines.

“I know fear. I know it better than my own reflection.” (Lore, Alexandra Bracken)

This line haunted me to the core, in part because it rings so true with myself at times. We’ve all got fear that really cracks through us.

“When you know the secret, Raoul, your ears, like, mine, will be full of lamentations.” (The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux)

One of my favorite classics! I enjoyed this one so much. Such romantic language, poetic and lithe. More than that, this line was like a whisper, so beautiful.

More to come soon…


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