Smells Like Late Night Turmoil – (Whiskey Words & a Shovel II – A Book Review)

Whiskey Words & a Shovel II

Author: R. H. Sin

Published: 2016

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Rated I for inquisitive of the inner workings and innovative of women’s grit.

“I’d kill the distance to get to you.”

In the second volume of Sin’s bestselling collection of poetry, the passion and vigor of the previous volume continue. High energy with tidal waves of emotion amidst the message Sin provides of perseverance, kindness, heartache, and love all in the everyday life. A full life contains so much and more and Sin gives us a glimpse through his own.

Whiskey Words & a Shovel Reviews


Whiskey Words & a Shovel I

Sin held so much appreciation, respect, and perspective as he continued his journey. He continued on, almost where he left off. Though a smaller compilation, there was still so much to embrace. These pages did not fall short in the immensity of wonder, intrigue, and intensity that they contained.

While the material was wonderful, and it was, there was a hint of repetitiveness. I don’t mean that I was expecting a whole new subject. I just figured the angle would shift a little. Even though it didn’t the writing was still so well-articulated and pointed with a beautiful, pull. One thing that I did notice, and that was that there was a sadder and slightly darker theme in this volume.

Time, place, and the things we hold in our hearts have so much importance for Sin. He’s made them seem like so much more with a piece of himself tethered to these little things. It wasn’t about the imagery here. At least, that wasn’t how I perceived it. It was all in the mind and the way that connected to the heart. A deep and personal touch to what is meaningful and perhaps life-changing.


Sin is definitely a poet to read. Being a little repetitive in his narrative only meant he had more to share I figure. Did I hope for something more and extra? Yes. But, I wasn’t disappointed. There’s still much to behold and embrace in this volume. Much to understand and add to the little bank of life and learning. Definitely worth it. A total Lana Del Rey tone and vibe and that really did me in, too.


after 3.

it's after 3 a.m.

and I can't sleep

my mind won't quiet down

and my soul can't help

but wander

lying here, still

appearing peaceful

but there's chaos

deep within me

struggling to close my eyes
(p. 31)

on most nights.

you're in love, heartbroken or

lying there restless

watching the night bleed into
the morning

wishing you had more hours to
(p. 51)

sunsets then rise.

she was the sun

the way she fell

into the night but managed to
rise every morning

brighter than before
(p. 73)

yes, you.

you deserve to be someone's
only choice
(p. 79)

painful truth.

I've come to realize

that those who smile the most

usually shed the most tears

in secret

and those who laugh the 

are usually the ones who cry the 
(p. 93)

More to come soon…                                                                                               


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