The Sundown Rundown – March 2023

Hey there, book clan!

It’s the end of March, and I’ve got your monthly wrap-up. This month was pretty productive. I didn’t manage a list or a book tag, but I did get 7 books out and that’s a great feeling. I’m currently in the midst of continuing the Weather Wardens series by Rachel Caine and getting to a couple books off the New Year’s Resolution list.

Though, I am debating an Earth Day tag next month. We shall see how things go…

This month has been packed with a lot of reading and reviewing. Outside my travels through the pages, I’ve mostly been re-binging a few shows. There haven’t been many releases, but it felt good to revisit favorites like On My Block, Love Alarm, and HTGAWM. I also finally finish The Last of Us which broke my heart episode after episode. I freaking love Pedro Pascal. His BTVS cameo has stuck with me since I was a kid even though I didn’t realize he was GoT until my second rewatch. 😅

Anyway! Take a scroll to check out this month’s reviews.

Interview with the Vampire

Author: Anne Rice

Open Library

Let him tell you the story of his unlife.

Heretics of Dune

Author: Frank Herbert


Dune has reverted back to its desert wasteland. Another prophecy of the desert planet awakens and is near fulfillment.

A Broken Blade

Author: Melissa Blair

The Scarlet Reader – The Bookish Box

A halfling assassin floats on the line of loyalty to her genocidal king or to a group of revolutionaries determined to save their fae kingdom.

Dark Secret

Author: Danielle Rose

Simon & Schuster

A witch is shunned from her coven after a deadly vampire attack. Feeling more alone than ever, she learns a new way of life and that her coven had been hidign quite a few secrets from her.

From Unseen Fire

Author: Cass Morris


In a Roman-inspired dystoppian war, politics and magic toil together after the Dictator dies. Many want that coveted power, and they will do whatever they can to have it.

A Beautiful Funeral

Author: Jamie McGuire


The Maddoxes come together after tragedy strikes. When long-held secrets come out brothers and wives choose sides and words are said that can never be taken back.

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove

Author: Lauren Kate

Penguin Random House

IT girl, Natalie, is on top of the world with a lush lifestyle and a rich boyfriend, but that is put in jeopardy when she accidentally kills a classmate. Secrets and shame unfold and life as she knows it is over.

Favorite Book This Month: Interview with the Vampire though long-winded, was very insightful to the vampire section of the paranormal genre and gave an illustrous look at eterinity and how bleak and lonely it truly can be aside from the supposed powerful and freeing feeling.

Least Favorite Book This Month: A Beautiful Funeral was such a disappointment and it still break my heart to think about it. So many things did not sit right with me. So. Many. Things.

More to come soon…


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