Sundown Rundown – May 2020

Hey there, book lovers!

The end of May is upon us. Warmer weather is officially here and the bumblebees are out and flooding my newborn flower-babies. It’s just putting me in such a better mood. Well, as good of a mood as there can be right now.

I’m about to get a bit more serious than I typically do on here, so if you want to scroll past and get right down to my end of the month round-up then go ahead, but with all that is happening right now across America and the world, I hope you don’t. 2020 has seriously been kicking our asses. From the Australian wildfires to the COVID-19 pandemic to murder hornets, which I hope to gods never come near me or my bumblebees to riots happening now across the U.S. because Americans across the country are tired of black people being killed for no reason other than the color of their skin and the injustice of it going ignored and unanswered for. It is a scary time right now because those we should trust to uphold the law warp and break it. It’s horrifying. And during this pandemic? A pandemic that I’ve heard people say isn’t real, followed up by them resisting safety precautions and therefore putting several others at risk. That is just nuts to me.

Everything we know is changing and we are changing as well. It’s not easy and we are being challenged and our survival skills are being put to the test. Voices are louder than ever across newspapers, magazines, and social media. Get loud. Be brave. It’s scary, but you are not alone. Incidents such as George Floyd’s cannot keep happening and the law must be held accountable for its actions. And even if you are one of the ones that believe COVID-19 isn’t real, let essential workers who work tirelessly like nurses, doctors, truck drivers and so many more do their jobs. Your freedoms aren’t being compromised. They’re being protected. There is no harm in protecting others who do believe it either so take the precautions of wearing a mask and keeping up with social distancing.

The world is changing and we’re only halfway through 2020. Stay loud. Stay brave. Stay strong. Stay safe. And remember that you are loved.

Now, the sun sets on the month of May and that means it’s time for the Sundown Rundown where I wrap up all that I’ve read this month. It’s been a bit of a busy reading month. I was surprised for sure. OOf course, there are a couple of books I haven’t reviewed quite yet, but they are coming! Here is your chance to catch up on any reviews you may have missed this month.


Vampire Hunter D: Dark Nocturne
Author: Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Amano
The Scarlet Reader

Vampire Hunter D, a legendary dhampir, sets out on a few quests. He must face a noble that lures villagers into the dark depths of the woods with its song. Then he gets tangled up in a sacrifice of lovers made by a village. Lastly, he crosses paths with two creatures that are still in a war that’s been over for a long time. D certainly finds himself in precarious situations.

The War of the Worlds
Author; H. G. Wells
Scarlet Reader

Martians have come and they plan to dominate. More than that, they will destroy everything in their path.


Broken Prince
Author: Erin Watt
The Scarlet Reader

Reed Royal will do whatever he has to get Ella Harper back, but she doesn’t want him. He’s ruined her and she just wants to be left alone. This Royal doesn’t believe in giving up on the things that mean most. Can he prove himself?


Vampire Hunter D: Pale Fallen Angel Pt. 1 & 2
Author: Hideyuki Kikuchi
The Scarlet Reader

Vampire Hunter D takes on a mission to escort a Noble to his father’s castle but many things go astray during this road trip and the two find themselves with unexpected travel companions and dangerous circumstances. D also begins to wonder what this Noble’s true intentions are and the closer he gets to figuring it the more danger he is in.


Song of Susannah
Author: Stephen King
Scarlet Reader

Roland and his ka-tet are spread across the beams and have different missions that will lead them closer to the tower. While Roland and Eddie seek out an author that has information on the tower they need, Jake and Callahan follow after Susannah who’s been possessed by an entity that only wants to birth the demonic thing now growing inside of her.


Slade House
Author: David Mitchell
Scarlet Reader

Not far from a shabby Irish pub, down an alley is a house Slade House. Once it lures you in, filling those holes of loneliness and insecurity with false promises, you can’t get out. It’s too late. It’s residents have your soul.


Twisted Palace
Author: Erin Watt
The Scarlet Reader

Reed Royal and Ella Harper are sure they can face anything that comes their way, but when Reed is charged with murder the entire Royal family is at risk. Reed says he didn’t do it and Ella believes him even though a crumb of doubt nags her. When her father, back from the dead, forbids her from seeing Reed, she decides to do what she does best. Take her life in her own hands and help Reed however she can.


Favorite Book This Month: Slade House was the book I least expected to feel so much about. It was shocking and stunning. So much happened in one place and everything kept changing. Original and a fantastic work of fiction, this book kept me on my toes. Both entertaining and engaging.

Least Favorite Book This Month: Vampire Hunter D: Pale Fallen Angel Pt. 1 & 2 made me feel a lot of ehhhhhhh. Not so great, but the imagery truly was gorgeous. Not lie about that. It struggled to keep my attention all around. Bummer.


More to come soon…



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Thoughts? Any new books that you’re adding to your TBR? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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