Road Trip to Darkness (Vampire Hunter D: Pale Fallen Angel pt. 1 & 2)

Vampire Hunter D: Pale Fallen Angel pt. 1 & 2
Author: Hideyuki Kikuchi
Published: 2008

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The Scarlet Reader

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Rated U for unexpected interruptions on an unending road trip.


Bonds of blood,

sundered by bloodlust…

In the first two volumes to a four-part tale, Vampire Hunter D is tasked with escorting Baron Byron Balarge who is not only of vampire Nobility but is the son of Lord Vlad Balarge. D is taking him to the faraway Krauhasen having been promised a princely sum and a promise to not feed on humans. Still, D feels unsure about Barorn. There is something he is missing about the Noble. He discovers that Baron seeks a visit with his father to kill him and that puts, and other travel companions he meets along the way, in danger.


Once again, I’m immersed in the dark and fantastical world of Vampire Hunter D. Elegance and a slight morose tone, but it leaves a lingering curiosity about D and his quests. Dense, yet compelling with non-stop action. There was always something happening and D was always there to stop it no matter how complicated it was. It arose the question of his conscience and soul many times over. As a dhampir, a hybrid, D seemed off-putting but he was too mysterious to truly push me away.

The Scarlet Reader

Remarkable imagery throughout the entire journey. Very easy in giving me similar vibes as the fellowship of the Lord of the Rings trilogy which I love. I’ve seen the movie and am excited to get to the books. Besides the point. LOL. This is an unlikely and seemingly uncomfortable experience for D since he typically travels alone. It’s why I enjoyed this so much. It was outside his comfort zone as much as reading this novel was outside mine.

The characters that traveled alongside him varied in intrigue and ability. Each added adventure and trouble within the book. I like the young siblings the most. They were spunk and held that little thing called hope with a side of innocence which all the others lacked.



As a reader, I still struggled to find full enjoyment in this series. It was rather draining and sometimes books are like that. There’s no perfect explanation. However, I will say that is felt redundant how there was fight after fight after fight. It’s why I enjoyed the side characters so much. I felt like they added what I enjoyed so much about the book. Definitely a great read to expand your interests, especially if you enjoy anime, fantasy, and/or vampires then most definitely give this a read. This is a fantastic story with gorgeous illustrations. It just wasn’t for me. But I don’t regret reading it.



“While you’re with me, I won’t let you feed on humans. If you should happen to break this condition, I will destroy you on the spot.” (D to Byron, p. 8)

“Only a belief that bordered on preoccupation—a faith of unrivaled might—could turn this weakness into a strength and return things to the way they were supposed to be.” (p. 99)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



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