Wicked, The Trilogy – A Review

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So at the beginning of the month, I finished the final book of this trilogy, Brave and promised a review of the series since it is a part of my New Year’s Resolution to read five series. And yes, I’m considering this a series since there are more than two books. You may disagree and that’s A-okay. The Wicked trilogy consists of Wicked, Torn, and Brave. The reviews to them are below:



Wicked: here

Torn: here

Brave: here

If you have read the reviews then you already know just how hard I have gushed and fangirled over this trilogy. I didn’t imagine I’d fall so hard in love with it. While it does get hot and heavy, it’s not just that. Not. At. All. It’s amazing storytelling in a phenomenal city of enthralling danger.

In New Orleans, Ivy Morgan is just trying to hold on to some semblance of normal in her life by going to college. Her entire life has consisted of training and knowing that she could die very young, as many do in this profession because her and others in the same line of work know that humans aren’t the only thing strolling around the French Quarter. She and others known as The Order hunt fae.

Then in comes a new transfer. Ren Owens. Immediately, Ivy is taken off-guard by his bright, forest green eyes and unfiltered charm. They nearly break down her barriers, but after what happened four years ago, she’s not ready to let anybody new into her life. So, she’s even less thrilled when he becomes her new partner.

More so? It seems the world just might be coming to an end. Perfect timing, right? Not only is Ivy struggling with how she feels about Ren, but these two will have to work together to find out what’s behind it and how to stop it, and the secrets they discover along the way will change everything.

While I loved everything from the phenomenal and vibrant depiction of New Orleans, which only makes me want to visit the city even more, to the incredible and mind-blowing character development that left me pining, I still have some questions.

For those of you who haven’t read this yet, be warned. It’s a bit spoiler-y.

Some questions I have and am contemplating:

At one point, Ivy was going to look for Jerome because the cranky cake addict was the last living person aside from mind-bent Merle and that didn’t really happen. It’s just my personal curiosity, but where is he? I mean, he’s alive, right? Ivy still owes him cake LOL.

This next one came directly after it was discovered that Ivy is a halfling. Which of her parents is the fae? Again, a personal curiosity, but still…That’s a story I’d love to hear.

Also, I’m so curious about Tink’s true name. Will Ivy ever be trusted enough to know it?

End of spoiler-worthy talk.

The Characters:

There was so much to love about this series. Going back to the characters, Ren and Ivy had some of the most electric chemistry that I’ve ever felt. My hairs stood up on end a few times and there were shivers to be had. What they have is so natural and realistic and I admired it so much! With the hot and beautiful and smile-worthy came the heartache and cringe-y and awkward. So much awkward. I can’t express enough how much I laughed.

Then there’s the star of this book or at least the one that was the most unforgettable. The last of his kind. Tink, the brownie. Such a little bastard that he is, he’s also sweet in his own way. Except for the fucking troll dolls. That just wasn’t right in the head. He’s one of those rare friends that will always be honest and true and loyal and let you fall on your face while abusing your Amazon and Netflix accounts. But while abusing your Amazon account, they’ll be sure to buy you a cool AF T-shirt because they love you. Much like Ivy and Ren, I can’t pick a favorite part with Tink.

The End:

Coming to the end of this trilogy was actually pretty difficult. It moves at a hard and sharp pace that had no intention of slowing down so I had no idea how it would end, but it did and on a very light and sweet note that left Ivy and Ren’s story open in case it would be returned to later.

Now, there are two novellas out there: 1,001 Nights: The Prince & 1,001 Nights: The King. I’ll have to look into those…

The Author:

When it comes to Jennifer L. Armentrout I must say that she is inspiring. Not only does she create fantastic works of paranormal fiction, fantasy, and YA, but she gives them so much life with her perfectly placed pop culture references, puns, wit, and charm.

Currently, she is writing her spin-off series to LUX deemed the Origin series (which I am also hopelessly addicted to). Also, currently released to paperback is her Dark Elements trilogy about a soul-sucking kiss and gargoyles. Not going to lie, I’ve never read about gargoyles, but I’m definitely interested. I also have Storm & Fury-another new release-on my wishlist and can’t wait to read it.




All in all, such a great series by a top-notch author that brings such fantastic and breathtaking storytelling to a whole new level. If you haven’t read it yet, then I hope you get the chance. In my personal opinion, it’s an instant favorite, especially for those who really enjoy Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tale & Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely Series. This takes them up to a whole new notch, but it’s fae and lusty love with a side of kicking ass and taking no names.

More to comes soon…



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