One Plus Fae Equals the End of the World (Wicked – A Book Review)

Wicked (Wicked Trilogy #1)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2014

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated W for wild and wicked fae slayers who can’t help but dive headfirst into hot and heavy danger. 

Things are about to get wicked in New Orleans.

Ivy Morgan isn’t the average college student.  In New Orleans, she goes to class and then goes to work, hunting fae. Others like her, who also work for The Order, can see fae and fight them to protect the world. Her duty is all she’s known. It’s her life, especially after losing all she held dear four years ago.

Ren Owens is a transfer from the Colorado sect. The moment she meets him albeit she’s bleeding all over his shoes, there’s something that awakens in her, a yearning that she’s never felt before. She refuses to give into it. People die in this line or work and she refuses to open up to anyone only to get her heart broken again. Ren doesn’t give up. He sneaks between those cracks of hers, determined to find his way in. But, as they grow closer, Ivy knows that Ren’s hiding things from her. When she discovers what it is, she’s unsure of what’s more dangerous—the fae seeking the means to control not only the city, but the world, or the man that confesses he wants her heart, body, and soul?

 The Wicked trilogy is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 1 of 3.


Ivy’s lived her whole life training and working for The Order. She and other members, unlike normal people, can see fae and hunt them. The job is hard and really cuts a lifespan short. It’s also seemingly never-ending, but somebody has to protect those who can’t protect themselves. When she stumbles into Ren’s life, or him into hers…it really depends on who you ask. there is an undeniable spark between them. It’s one of annoyance and yearning and that resistance that pulled me in.

This entire book from the first page to the last was addicting. The chemistry between Ivy and Ren is instantaneous and I was blushing so hardcore and the steamy moments were incredible. I couldn’t get enough of this. Completely irresistible and boundary-less. The way Ren broke past Ivy’s guard is something I swooned over. He was incredibly annoying at times and my jaw dropped so many times at the comments he made toward her because it wasn’t overly sexualized–actually, it was, but it was how he looked at her nearly drooling and completely taken by her. It’s not objectifying, however. He genuinely loves everything about her. Every-damn-fecking-thing. I’M LIVING FOR IT. 

More so, I love how awkward Ivy gets at times as well as the awkward things that happen to her. It’s not only realistic but so relatable that it hurts and makes me cringe. A LOT. You do you, chick, and I’ll be over here painfully relating in a corner. *looks away anxiously*

These two. There aren’t many couples on my list that I trip on my face for while I forget to breathe, but they are right up there.

Scarlet Reader

I love New Orleans. Loyola was actually my number one school to attend and I was so excited when I was accepted. However, financial issues kept me from attending. Really sucked, but I still hope to see the city someday. My excitement over the city being said, I loved that this is the city the book takes place in! Armentrout brings such life with her attention to detail. Fucking-A, legit! From the food to the neighborhoods and street names, and the way the characters know it so well down to the culture and landmarks of the city. I am so engulfed in it and so obsessed!

Scarlet Reader

Flashing back to the characters, I have to say, Tink is my absolute favorite. He’s an itty-bitty brownie that rooms with Ivy in her apartment and while he’s got an uber addiction to Amazon Prime and The Walking Dead/Supernatural he’s a hilarious pain in the ass. He’s also got a unique story himself. The bond between him and Ivy is definitely what friendship is made of.

More so, I love the realism of the magic that was brought to this series. It’s raw and dark, yet magical in a way that you’d get lost in so easily. The fact that this takes place in New Orleans helps since the city is well known for its juju. Maaan, I really want to go there. Fae are both beautiful and horrifying creatures and Armentrout doesn’t shy away from that one bit.

Scarlet Reader

This is definitely not in the YA section like her LUX series is. But, it’s so YUMMY and dark and will certainly punch you in the feels and your sexual tension simultaneously. Delightful, right!? Now, there weren’t many bomb drops that I wasn’t expecting, but they still made a large enough impact that I’m aching for so much more. The book is laced with epic TV and pop cultural references that left me laughing so hard. Really loved those bits. It made it more enjoyable. Damn, Ivy and Ren though…just damn.

I, personally, from just this first book alone, think this series is destined for HBO. I’m dying for a new paranormal show and this would definitely have me obsessed. It’s powerful, funny, jaw-dropping, powerful, and limitless in every area imaginable.


“…I’m telling you what, you females are freaks. Guy breaks in and you all swoon like B&E is a desirable trait.” (Tink to Ivy, p. 129)

“More. Hadn’t I wanted more out of life? If so, this was like taking a class on stupid and excelling at it.” (Ivy, p. 319)

“There was a lot of ugliness in me and I think he knew that, deep down, because he carried the same, but I appreciated the kindness he doled out like candy on Halloween.” (Ivy, p. 336)

More to come soon…



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