Winter is Over, Summer is Coming… (Brave – A Book Review)

Brave (Wicked #3)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ivy now struggles with her dark and hungry fae half. Ren makes a rash decision that pulls them apart. But the two of them will need to work together to salvage their relationship and help protect those they love. A final fae battle to protect not only loved ones, but the whole world, is on the horizon.

Alcohol and Bipolars Don’t Mix (After – A Book Review)

After (After Series #1)
Author: Anna Todd
Published: 2014

Tessa has great ambition and she is a hard worker. It got her into the college of her choice. All of that gets tossed to the wind when she meets Hardin. She shouldn't like him. He's cruel and she has a boyfriend, but she can't stay away. He'll ruin her, but she's sure she can break him down. Can she?

Another Car Crash (Evercrossed – A Book Review)

Evercrossed (Kissed by An Angel #4)
Author: Elizabeth Chandler

It's been a year since Tristan died. Ivy has finally moved forward witht her life. She's with Will now and the two of them plus Beth have taken up fun summer jobs at a bed and breakfast in Cape Cod. All is going well until Tristan comes back...after Ivy dies in a car accident.

Who’s Into Who? (M or F? – A Book Review)

M or F?
Author: Lisa Papademetriou & Chris Tebbetts

Girl is crushing on boy. Girl is too shy to talk to him so her gay best friend does it via chat for her. But as said best friend does, he starts realize that the boy might like him more than girl. What does he do next?

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