Sundown Rundown – August 2022

Hey there, book knooks!

I don’t know about you guys, but August has been a been weather-wise. There’s been nothing but muggy, humid rain. Not even a decent storm. Just rain that is trying to cook me in my apartment. LOL. Outisde of feeling like a chicken baking in th oven, the month has been one of growth. From reassessing my time and how its spent to leveling up my Halloween game. Don’t judge me just because I’m of those. Halloween is better than my birthday and Christmas put together. You can’t change my mind. It’s my place of normalcy. So, I’m over the moon about getting the deco out. If you checkout my Snapchat you may be able to catch a glimpse of all its fun and spookiness in the future. That and you may see my dog, Coco Buritto. Yes, that’s her name because she is the ultimate snack-pack with a whole lotta boom in the tude.

Outside, of the Halloween giddiness, I am thrilled about this month’s book haul. It was a small haul, but huge in the excitement area. Shaun David Hutchinson released a new book: Howl, and I’d had no clue until I spotted it onthe shelf! Totally worth the full price because his tales spin weird, coming of age, and sci-fi/paranormal energy all together to form some of the most spectacular books I’ve ever read. Like Rachel Caine, I will buy all of his books without a doubt that it’ll be superb. Speaking of Rachel Caine. you know I’m obsessed and in awe of this author. The writer that I am is continuously inspired by the voice she gives her books and how they speak volumes of originality. I finally ordered and recieved Dark Duets. It’s an anthology of dark and spooky short stories. I primarily got it for Caine’s short story that she did alongside Charlaine Harris. What I didn’t expect was to break down in an ugly short sob at discovering the short story signed by Caine and Harris. I’d alwasy hoped ot get a book signed by Caine but let that go when she passed away. I’m not typicially emotional like this, but I was so surprised and felt overwhelmed. Talk about a fate.

There are a few other books I also collectec such as H2💧 by Virginia Bergin which I swear I saw a show on Netflix based on it. So, not a huge haul, but one that came with quite a tidal wave of joy.

As for reading? It’s been a splendid month! There are so many books I’ve been meaning to read for the last few years and I’m all tingly about being able to get to them. I also got my spooky fall TBR together and I can’t wait to share. Teehee.

Before then, I’m wrapping up August. It may be rainy out but that okay. It’s perfect for a cup’a tea. So


Author: Rachel Caine


Joann ‘Jo’ Baldwin has quit her job as a Warden, and life has gone from bad to worse. Djinn are at war and her boyfriend, David, a Djinn on the verge of turning into an Ifrit is dying. The worse? Her sister just arrived at her door looking for a place to crash and the world is in the midst of a major change.

Shadow and Bone

Author: Leigh Bardugo


Alina Starkov learns she has unique abilites after a dear friend’s life is nearly ended. Now, she’s the hope that could save so many from the Dark Fold and end its darkness.

A Touch of Ruin

Author: Scarlet St. Clair


Persephone has a lot ot learn about the living and the dead. You don’t always get what you want. After learning devastating news about a loved one, she breaks all kinds of rules. Her mistakes come back to haunt her as does one of Hades’s exes.

The Host

Author: Stephanie Meyer


I guess the plot was that even aliens can get Stockholm Syndrome. Wanderer, a soul, has taken over Melanie’s body, but Melanie isn’t giving up her body. What neither of them expected was for

The Tommyknockers

Author: Stephen King


What happens when you dig up an alien spaceship in the backyard? Nothing good. The small town of Haven falls under the thrall of long-dead aliens. Nobody is safe.

Favorite Book this Month: A Touch of Ruin skyrocketed to the top of my must read, devour, and obsess over list. I’m pining after this series. Persephone has a lot to learn when it comes dating a god, handling grief, and fixing mistakes. This installment was every bit as delicious and gut-wrenching as the previous book. This series is intense and can send a quake and quiver up my spine and through my toes like no other.

Least Favorite Book this Month: I can feel the glares from bookworms everywhere before I even get it out. Shadow and Bone was not a great read for me. It even beat out The Tommyknockers on the least favorite of the month. There was just so much that was unnecissarily drawn out and I couldn’t get over how niave Alina was.

More to come soon…


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