Summer Booklist – 2021 YA Edition

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I told you I’d be doing the Summer book list and I meant it. Every year I put out a list: Young Adult, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. I enjoy the search to find books for summer reading. Youo never know what adventure is waiting for and I alway manage to add a couple to my TBR.

Summer is a great time for fun and travel. An amazing trip can give you that but so can a great book. I know that’s where I take most of my vacations. LOL. I’m excited about this one. I love Young Adult. This list contains new, old, and all around great reads. I wanted to give a range of different themes and genres so, here you go. I hope you find one you’ll to your summer reading.

The Lake
Author: Natasha Preston

It’s off to summer camp! Two girls, once campers, are excited to go back to camp as counselors, but when they’re reminded of something bad they’d done in the past that could ruin their future, they must figure out who’s behind it before it’s too late.

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The Taking of Jake Livingston
Author: Ryan Douglass

Jake’s life is a struggle. Not only is he the only black kid at his school other than his popular, older brother, but he can see the dead. Usually they just float about or relive their deaths. Harmless. Well, that is until Jake meets Sawyer, a kid who shot and killed six other kids at a local high school and then took his own life. Now, he’s got vengeful plans and they include Jake.

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The Lost Girls
Author: Sonia Hartl

When Elton turned Holly into a vampire in 1987, she thought it was true love; a forever and eternity love. But then he dumps her thirty-four years later and she’s heartbroken. That all turns around when she meets his exes, Rose-turned in 1954-and Ida-turned in 1921-and they want her help killing Elton. Holly may be hurt and heartbroken, but she’s not sure about going to that extreme. That is until she meets the next girl Elton has set his sight on-Parker Kerr-and can’t help the spark of attraction she feels for her.

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The Black Kids
Author: Christina Hammonds Reed

The exploration of race, class, and violence is explosive in this debut novel. Through the eyes of Ashley, a black teenager of a wealthy family in 1992, she gets caught up in the Rodney King Riots. She thought she and her friends were living the charmed life, but that changed after the four policemen who beat Rodney King to death were acquitted, leaving her questioning herself and others as she struggles to keep one with a normal life. She quickly realizes that she’s no longer just one of of the girls, but one of the black kids.

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Where Dreams Descend
Author: Janella Angeles

In a city of ice and ruin, magicians gather for a contest to prove who is the best for the grand prize. Whoever wins will become the next big headliner. But as the contest goes on the deadly circumstances rise. Magicians are disappearing. Kallia, a natural, is being stalked by a shadow, but she won’t let stop her from proving she’s better than all of them, especially since it’s unheard of that a woman can be a magician. With former magician, Demarco, at her heels, helping her and taunting her, she may make it. What she didn’t expect were the sparks that go off between them, literally.

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Love and Luck
Author: Jenna Evans Welsh

In Ireland for her aunt’s destination wedding, Addie is working through miserable heartbreak. While she wants to take this little vacation away from to forget about it, her brother, Ian won’t let her. Judging her and chastising her for it, they even come to blows. It’s hard to believe they broken so far apart though they were once inseparable. When plans change and Addie finds a little guidebook in the hotel library, she is finally able to escape Ian’s criticism…almost. Stuck in a tiny car with him and his cute, Irish-accented friend, Rowan, they take a tour of the Emerald Isle. Along the way, she hopes to put everything behind her and possibly mend her relationship with Ian.

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What Big Teeth
Author: Rose Szabo

Though Eleanor has been estranged from her wild family for a long time, she flees home after a horribly incident at boarding school. Once there, she finds difficulty in fitting in with her monstrous relatives who prowl the woods and reads fortunes in bird guts. Then suddenly, she’s troy to keep them together in order to keep them safe, all while trying to embrace them and herself.

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Graces Series
Author: Laura Eve

Everyone is obsessed with the Graces, including River. People say they’re witches with how beautiful they are and how they seem to weave magic. River is determined to be one of them.

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Forbidden Game
Author: L. J. Smith

The same author that brought The Vampire Diaries. A Game night for six friends turns horrifyingly deadly. They all must confront their fears to win the Game, otherwise they lose their life.

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Fear Street Series
Author: R. L. Stine
Slash Film

Netflix is adapting a few of these books for a summer movie trilogy. Am I stoked? TOTALLY! This is a great series for horror fans. Spine-tingling classic horror that is sure to be fun.

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