Sending in the Alien Trojan Horse (The Brightest Night – A Book Review)

The Brightest Night (Origin #3)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: 2020

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Rated O for off this planet though its very much on the planet

He is the darkest star.

You are the burning shadow.

And together, you will bring about the brightest night.

Less than a year ago, Evie Dasher was just a normal girl living a normal life. Now, she’s on the run and under the protection of a community of Luxen, Origins, and humans. Though considered a deadly weapon, deadlier than even Luke, the most powerful Origin she knows, she must gain control if she wants to help defeat Daedulus once and for and be rid of their latest invention: her and those like her. With help from many unexpected allies, Evie isn’t going down without a fight, and it will take all of the fight she has.

Origin Reviews

The Darkest Star

The Burning Shadow

A fantastic read (though I’m still getting over the cover change…it begin signed by JLA helps). Lush, sweet, and real, filled with that gooey, young romance in the middle. The only drawback was how dense and drawn out some spots could be. There were moments where my eyes actually glazed over, but I still really loved this. It’s just that too much in for with not enough going on can make a story feel like it’s stuck with no wind to push it forward. Pushing through it paid off though. Explosive is an understatement when it came to new discoveries with Evie. She really won’t ever be normal again. Something completely new, a Trojan, she’s a deadly weapon that Luc might not even be able to stop when put into action. Still, I gotta praise Armentrout for her talent in making one character both a protagonist and antagonist…and managing something even more sneaky that I won’t spoil.

The attention to detail and the science behind it all? Bomb. As. Fuck. There wasn’t any plot left behind, not that I seriously nit-pick. The detailed look into everything new, even obstacles. While I know I complained about so much exposition, one thing is for sure. It wasn’t overloading. A weird balance but fecking impressive.


I love the dynamic and love between Luc and Evie. They’re such a beautiful pair and their growth was amazing. It wasn’t about just love with Luc and Evie. They’re straight up soulmates and a deadly combination when together. Bot lovers and best friends. Talk about being so gushy it hurts. While their relationship intensified, I was still on the hook. Still, the closer they became, the deadlier, too. The anticipation and build-up between them was outright devilish. Always looking to protect one another, I felt my little heart flutter every time.

I missed Emery and Heidi though. Getting to meet Ashley, Dawson and Beth’s daughter, almost made up for it. The two give so much to the series that their absence for much of the book was totally noticed. Getting more interaction between Grayson and Evie was not only amusing but gave more depth to his character. After so much that happened in the last book, this was Grayson’s mourning period.


The new setting was small, but loaded. So much was going on but Armentrout was on top of her game, keeping it light but emotional. The after effects of the Luxen invasion from the LUX series is still ever present. I appreciate how she still falls back on it, remembering such a tragic time for everyone. Absolutely attentive and still pushing forward into an uncertain future.  

Side note: I am officially in need of a book about the Arum. I wouldn’t have thought about it with LUX but this far in the Luxen world? I would devour a book on an Arum and getting their backstory. With only one-two sides, a first-person perspective would be epic.


This series has been dramatically different than LUX and I love that. From the perspective to the emotions to the string-pulling my obsession with this sci-fi series. With only minor things that grinded me, I still love this series through and through and am always excited for the nest book. And, after that last page with one hell of a sharp turn, I can’t wait to see what happens next…but I’m also nervous.


“I wasn’t even the same version of Evie who’d faced down an Origin, or even the girl who had been slowly coming to terms with who she was and who she was falling in love with.” (p. 35)

“What-ifs are the STDs of the mind. Seriously. They’re pointless, and they end with you wanting to take a wire brush to your brain. Don’t waste your time there.” (Luc, p. 45)

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    1. I’d never even heard of JLA before these and am so glad I picked them up. These aren’t her only ones. She’s approached such unique area of fantasy and sci-fi. Check these out and her Wicked trilogy. Freaking bombsauce. 🖤


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