Fifty Shades of Mutt (Shadow of the Moon – A Book Review)

Shadow of the Moon (Moon #5)
Author: Rebecca York
Published: 2006

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Scarlet Reader - Shadow of the Moon

My Rating:Half bolt


His gifts help him uncover the hot stories. But his latest investigation will take him inside a sinister world of power and pleasure, alongside a woman who knows how to bring out the animal in him…


Lance Marshall is very good at finding the next major story, but that may be because he’s a werewolf. His abilities allow him to have that extra edge. With stealth, speed, and enhanced senses, he’s currently investigating a private nightclub called The Castle. Dark and mysterious, he already knows what goes on there.

His investigation is nearly destroyed when Savannah Carter is discovered investigating The Castle as well. There in the nick of time to help her, they both get away. Turns out, her sister in a coma and it had something to do with her frequenting The Castle. Whatever the case. Savannah will get answers.

Forming an unlikely pair that toils on edge of passion, Lance and Savannah set out to uncover the truth about this dark place and the monstrous evil that lies within it.


This is a series that doesn’t necessarily require you to follow any kind of order. I started with this one and it’s where I’ll end. I tried and tried, but I was not into this book AT ALL. In fact, I was astounded and not pleasantly.

Scarlet Reader
Yup, guys. I’m about to turn into Voldemort and Avada Kadavra this damn book.

I was deeply intrigued about the werewolf part and the sister being in a coma and how two very different people, who actually aren’t all that different, come together with these two plot. This was nothing like that. The passion promised felt very lacking, even for a lush read. It started out mysterious, which is good, but quickly fell apart for me shortly after.

There was an incredible amount of vagueness to everything that didn’t do much for my imagination and I love it when my mind gets to wander. A little over half of this book just made me outright uncomfortable. Not my kind of read.

The characters, Lance and Savannah, were dreadful. Lance came across as domineering, cocky, and immensely chauvinistic and with how he was written, it was really disgusting. He was the kind of guy that thought about himself solely and how he could get Savannah to please him, with no regard of if he was coercing her or even considering forcing her into it. Cue my *shudder*.

Side Note: It is not my usual to be so harsh with reviews, but this book really made my stomach go green. Not my kind of book. I enjoy aggressive and playful and a side of smutty because I can, but when it comes down to the characters getting overly controlling to the point that the character opposite of them comes off as property or just another object, like a lamp or a desk. It riled me up something fierce.

Savannah was brash and lacked common sense LOL. Very common in women that leap with their heart over their head. Thought as bullheaded as she was, she didn’t think twice before sharing everything she was doing with a complete stranger…that lack of common sense bit, remember?

I wasn’t rooting for either of these two. Thus, I decided pretty quickly that they were extremely toxic.

Shattered Memories

Now, I’m not one to complain too much about writing often. It’s usually that I want more detail because I’m greedy and always caving more detail. However, I found myself trying to figure out why there was just random vocabulary that didn’t blend in some parts, as if certain words were just put in to beef of the writing. But, they didn’t do that. They just made it weird. Having to reread some of the sentences, my face got screwy here and there. The vocabulary interrupted the flow and the flow interrupted me trying to get into the story…you know how that goes. That can make you want to chuck the book across the room.



I wish so much that my feelings about this book weren’t so disturbed. I imagine there are quite a few people out there that enjoyed this book and that’s fine because this is their kind of thing. It’s not mine. I’m donating this book so fast that it’ll be like I never owned it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose when you branch out. I’m not proud of bad reviews that I make, not proud of how they make me appear, but I believe in honesty and that sometimes there isn’t enough sugar to coat something if it’s really really bad. Sorry, but no, not really sorry.


More to come soon…



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