Whosoever Breaks the Law Will Die By It (Antigone – A Book Review)

Author: Sophocles
Published: 441 BC

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Rated T for tragedy amid courage.


Do not spend fear on me. Shape your own course

Third of the Thespian plays, this is one of seven that remain today. Antigone, daughter of Oedipus is determined to give her dead brother a traditional burial in the face of political conflict with Creon.


While this is a short read it took forever! Incredibly thought out and emotional. Fighting the power isn’t an easy feat. Antigone, strong and courageous, isn’t afraid to stand up to Creon who is working to put Thebes back in order after events with Oedipus and his sons. The turmoil can really be felt. Being a woman during this period, and even now,

The writing was impeccable. Truly engrossing. It definitely takes work and isn’t a fast read but this is one of those that reach out with power that really gets you. It’s engaging. Antigone especially. Whenever she speaks it’s as if hearing the pivotal speech of a movie. Moving and awe-inspiring. Though she puts her life at great risk forsaking the law, she does what she feels is right. In a way, it’s even inspiring.

This book didn’t resonate with me the way it did with other books I’ve read. This is one that reflects on issues that occur even today. In particular, I could feel the repression of equal rights for women through Antigone and even her spineless sister, Ismene. So, not entertaining by the means of intense angst and romance or action, but with family affairs. And in all honesty, this family is pretty insane.



Granted there isn’t much for me to say aside from being straightforward. I do think classics such as these should be read just as much as the next bestseller. Is it easy to comprehend? Not really, but taking the time to understand it is worth it.



“Well, when I find O have no power to stir. I will cease trying.” (Antigone, p. 4)

“Well, I was made for fellowship in love. Not fellowship in hate.” (Antigone, p. 20)


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