Midnight Tease

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Hello book lovers!

Let’s get 2019 going shall we?

This year I want to go back a reread a few of my most favorite books. Some, I haven’t reviewed on here before, soo you’ll get to hear me geek out about them. Some, I have and maybe I’ll talk about them a little more. Some, I just I will not, and just bask in their glory.

I do have a New Year’s Resolution coming up, but still working on it. More news to come soon about it.

It is my goal to work harder at my dreams this year than I did last year. There are many things I want to accomplish, and I’m a big believer in not divulging until absolute certainty, so it’s all hush hush. For now.

One of my greatest wishes this year, as a book loving booknerd, is that we all read more. Enjoy words. Soak them in like ink to paper. I love reading and talking about what I’ve read. Being able to share that with you makes me giddily happy. I also hope for you that everything you work hard for, strive for, and long for, come to great success.

And finally, never give up and never stop believing. Maybe that sounds ridiculously cheesy. But, belief is harder than it sounds. No matter what you believe in, don’t give it up. It’s nearly impossible, if not totally, to get back once you’ve given it up. And believing in anything can be a feat in and of itself as well. In the difficulties and hardships that are working double-time to strangle our world, be strong, be brave, and (as Journey says) don’t stop believing.

Now…to make the awkward transition from intensity to the Midnight Tease where I tell you what I’m ready, will be reading, and will be reviewing. What are you doing up at this hour anyway? Just kidding. Us night owls, little fruit bats, and lightning bugs and crickets and other night life have got to stick together. Grab a snack, here’s what bookishness I’ve going on this month.


Coming Soon…

Ghost_atniquity - LiveJournal


Secret Brother
Author: V. C. Andrews

Scarlet Reader

The major conclusion, the final part to the Dollangangers. A brother once thought to be lost may not be lost after all.


Red Queen & Glass Sword
Author: Victoria Aveyard

Scarlet Reader

While I’m rereading Red Queen, I’m getting to read Glass Sword for the first time! I’m waiting for each of these to be out on paperback. Excited to read this series.


Author: Alice Reeds


Stranded on an island with something creepy out there in the dark? Hmmmm…nifty.


M or F?
Author: Lisa Papadementriou and Chris Tebbetts

M or F - Goodreads

A book told through the chatrooms of teens. I’m suuuper curious. What’s true and what’s not? Who’s a catfish and who isn’t?



Unbreakable yes


Traveling Vampire Show
Author: Richard Laymon
Scarlet Reader - Traveling Vampire Show


Game of Thrones
Author: George R. R. Martin
Game of Thrones - Scarlet Reader


Up For Review…

Up for Review


Shadow of the Moon
Author: Rebecca York

Scarlet Reader - Shadow of the Moon


The Sacrifice Box
Author: Martin Stewart

Scarlet Reader - The Sacrifice Box


That’s Not What Happened
Author: Kody Keplinger

Scarlet Reader - that's NOT what happened


The Princess Diarist
Author: Carrie Fisher

Princess Diarist - goodreads


There you have it! Have an awesome January!

I know just in this last hour, I’ve finished A Series of Unfortunate events on Netflix. A phenomenal show that did wonders. I really do hope to see the next Lemony Snicket series done as well: Who Could That Be at This Hour? made into a series. There were a few hints toward it during ASOUE and I was having a ball, geeking out about it. The central theme came into play big time during this final season. Artistic, humorous, surprising, and brilliant. I may have been shaky about this series at first, some may even say wary and inclined to look away, but I’m glad I didn’t.

With the rambling of a sleep-lacking human out of the way, you have a fantastic new year, and a splendid January.


More to come soon…



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