Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book lovers!

I hope you guys are feeling ravishing because you are. I mean it. You come see me, the rubbish mess that I am, and I love you for it. I’ve got a few lines from books I’ve read and enjoyed for you. I like getting to share them because it’s personal and fun. It’s also quick, so I don’t waste your serious time. But, I like to imagine that maybe you’ll find an interest in the books I’ve tagged here and read them yourselves.

“…Love means it’s okay to lean on one another.” (Go the Distance, Jen Calonita)

This was a stunner of a line. I think in the midst of wanting to prove independence and the ability to take care of oneself, people forget that you are allowed and can lean on your partner. It’s why you chose each other. Because there’s that bond and happiness and trust. You don’t always has to be so strong and do everything by yourself. It’s okay and it doesn’t make you weak to lean on your partner.

“Anything that seemed too good to be true often was. Even a friend.” (Where Dreams Descend, Janella Angelles)

Such a good book! This line made feel touchy a bit. This line through me back into high school to a time when I didn’t really have friends. I had people I talked to everyday, the typical classmates. The people I thought were my friends talked behind my back cruelly and I felt this way for so long. Distrustful. I couldn’t help it. This was just a perfect line and entirely relatable.

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