Magic Across the Universe (The Serpent’s Curse – A Book Review)

The Serpent’s Curse

Author: Lisa Maxwell

Published: 2021

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Rated T for time-turning twisting the fate of the world.

Evade the serpent.

Heed the curse.

Rewrite the present.

Time continues to turn out of control for Esta. A seasoned thief, she’s no stranger to heists, but the stakes are higher now more than ever. Her abilities to bend time are failing her, but the fate of the world depends on her and Harte. Harte has left Esta to go after an important artifact that will help bind Seshat—an angry goddess trapped within Harte and determined to have her revenge on the god who hurt her—so that she will find the other one and they can stop the goddess.

With more to fear than just the Order out to destroy them, Esta and Harte must team up with unexpected allies that’ll change their lives forever. Still, the two are determined to set history right regardless of what it could cost them. They may lose those they love, including each other, but if they don’t succeed in their mission, they, along with so many others, will fall into darkness.

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I’m gonna cause a ruckus here by saying this series is seriously competing with Harry Potter. I mean it. Go ahead, Potter heads. Curse me. I’m cool with it. But, this series has been intense, engaging, and absolutely spectacular. From the magic that escalates in utter wonder to the building relationships of allies to friends and even lovers. This is such a beautiful read. Undeniable chemistry and flow from page to page, layered with incredible storylines that blend together for one ultimate story. Let’s not forget the actual historical touchdowns made because the accuracies and the way they are twisted into something horrifying is brilliant. Just the idea that they’re all connected across time…just yes.


The blend of magic and history here has been impeccable. These two cogs in the machine along with stunning and powerful characters created a stunning book. This series doesn’t involve just Esta and Harte anymore. Across the years there’s Jack, Maggie, Jianyu, Viola, and so many others are tied together, their choices changing the future as they strive to save it. Meticulous and marvelous, that’s what this book was. I can’t gush enough about this epic tale.

Maxwell was sublime in canvasing history with magic, giving it life. The way Maxwell jumps time and character POVs from chapter to chapter is outstanding. For a second, and only one, I debated the complexity of this writing style and its difficulty, if only to play Devil’s Advocate. But truthfully, it was so easy and it, along with the characters, kept my attention on an addictive level. Such phenomenal writing that didn’t drop the ball once and managed to interweave the multiple storylines while also keeping them connected. Pulled me in and didn’t let go.

Esta and Harte being apart for a huge portion of the book was so hard! But the character development was immense and incredible, not to mention all of the characters that came into the tale. I couldn’t wait for my favorite ship of this series to reunite. I was aching for it! Safe to say that when it happened, I all but barely caught my heart from flying from my chest. As if they didn’t get me swept up, Jack and Maggie were just oozing with feelings and I could hardly hold it together. I was even having some feelings for Seshat, the goddess determined to end everything. She struggled with her own heartache and betrayal that turned her into something deadly.


I totally thought this was supposed to be the final book in the series and am ecstatic it isn’t. This has been such an epic read. I can’t wait to continue it. It’s got the emotions, the action, and I’m hopelessly addicted. I can’t wait for the next part of Esta and Harte’s journey, especially since they got past all of the bullshit they were hiding behind to fight their feelings for each other. I am pretty nervous about what awaits them at the end of this. With Esta’s abilities going wonky and Harte struggling against a goddess taking control of him, it’s not looking hopeful.

Time spinning and mind-bending, this one is! I can’t recommend this series enough. Each book has been intense and pulled me in further. The plot is engaging. From wanting to break the Brink and free all of those trapped behind it to desperation to save the world from a horrible end, the story has so much depth and accomplishes so much without the feeling of being drawn out or a case of cheesiness. The twists kept coming with unexpected confrontations and near-deaths I wasn’t ready for and had me holding my breath.


This was amazing! So much depth and emotions. The layers and layers that unfurl and come together would put Shrek to shame…possibly. I highly recommend this series because it will legit pull you in and not let go. It’s a whole other world. Magic and alchemy and good and evil and the world on the verge of folding in on itself amid the struggle for ultimate power. This series has become a huge favorite of mine. Now…I am in need to see this adapted to a show! C’mooon, do it, Netflix!


“Death is always easy. It is what comes after that is difficult…” (Jianyu to Viola, p. 313)

“It was an impossible choice—a single person for the world itself.” (p. 426)

“Everybody’s worthy from the moment they’re born, and maybe if more people understood that, we’d have a lot less ugliness in the world.” (Cela, p. 445)

“I can steal all the time in the world, but right now is all that we’ve ever had.” (Esta to Harte, p. 531)

“You don’t get it do you? You weren’t some itch I had to scratch last night, Harte. I have no interest in being some kind of hem. I don’t want to die to save the world. But I’d happily give my life to save you.” (Esta to Harte, p. 542)

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