Midnight Tease – January 2022

Hey there, bookworms!

What are you doing up so late!? Who am I kidding; if you’re up this late then you must be a night owl like me. This is the perfect reading hour, scrolling hour, and snacking hour. And, with a new month comes a new TBR list! So, grab a snack-personally, I love queso-and take a scroll to see what’s coming up this month on The Scarlet Reader’s TBR.

Coming Soon…

Kingdom of the Wicked
Author: Kerri Maniscalco

My mum got me this one last year and I’ve been meaning to get started. Now that I have its sequel it’s time to get into it. I’m so excited!

The Sun Down Motel
Author: Simone St. James

This one was a surprise. I’d been eyeing this one for a while and then it popped up as one of the most delightful gifts. With a strong spooky vibe that’s reminding me of the movie No Vacancy, I’m excited to dive in.

Author: Frank Herbert

A Christmas gift from my friends and family and I am so stoked! Dune has been on my to-get list for a few years and I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews on the series.


The Serpent’s Curse
Author: Lisa Maxwell

Whiskey Words & a Shovel III
Author: R. H. Sin

Up For Review…

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
Author: Paige McKenzie

I feel like this is a great kick-off of the new year. Finishing up some books that have been back-building and getting started on some fresh ones. My excitement about new upcoming reads is ridiculous. And, I’m sure if you’re reading this far then you understand that excitement exactly. LOL.

Keep an eye out, my bookish New Year’s Resolution is on its way soon! Stay awesome, book humes!

More to come soon…


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