The Bookish New Year’s Resolution


Hey there, book lovers!

It’s a new year and that means a New Year’s Resolution! If you’ve been with me for a while then you know I don’t do a New Year’s Resolution to try and improve my life in any form. I’ve tried: don’t be a klutz, don’t fecking swear as much, limit your crushes to realistic standards and not characters from books or people that you’ll never meet. Safe to say, those didn’t work out. LOL. So, I’ve come up with not only a more accomplishable version but a fun one. A bookish New Year’s Resolution.

This is the year of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Last Christmas and this Christmas I received a few series that I’ve been amping myself up for and I’m so ready for them.

The Scarlet Reader

It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to past years, but these authors are loaded and I mean that in a phenomenal, immersive way. I’ve read Holly Black and really loved her books, so I’m pretty stoked to tackle her trilogy. Frank Herbert and Leigh Bardugo are new to me. I know, I know. “But they’re so hyped and popular! WHYYYY!?!?”

That’s partially why though. I get a little turned off when a series is so over-hyped. It’s also why I haven’t read or even thought about John Greene’s books, The Selection series, or the Shadowhunter series (which I may be changing my mind on). I get more excited by the unheard-of ones and the ones that there are whispers about. But still. I do end up having a happy medium overall. I enjoy plucking around all over the place for good books.

I do suspect that tackling the Dune series will take me well into next year, much like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series took so long. I definitely know I’ll whizz through The Folk of the Air trilogy though. I’m buzzed with giddiness about that one. I’m feeling in the middle about Shadow & Bone. Truly, the only thing that kind of has me going on this one is the fact that Netflix released a series on it and had garnered my intrigue with it that way. How pathetic, eh? I’m hoping I get surprised and have this stunned moment where I wonder why I haven’t read it until now.

I look forward to getting to review these series and share them with you. What books are on your to-do list this year? Share in the comments below! I’m curious.

More to come soon…


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