The Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 1, 2021

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! I hope you are well. I’ve got the playlist of the week for you. This post originated from my enjoyment of listening to music while reading. I love what a soundtrack can do for a story and I love it even more because it can amplify said story to unknown, amazing levels. this doesn’t have to be a reading playlist for you though. Make it your workout playlist. Dance to it. Hell, nap to it. I love a good sleep playlist as much as anyone. LOL. In any case, I created this just for you guys.

1. Had Enough – Lifehouse

2. Collide – Ed Sheeran (This whole album is wonderful and so different from his other albums. For one, I actually purchased this entire album. LOL.)

3. I Don’t Care – Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran

4. Stay – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

5. One Time – SafetySuit

6. Cobwebs – Thriving Ivory

7. 1979 – Smashing Pumpkins (One of my favorites. A mellow tune and with all of this rain lately, it’s well-timed.)

8. The Truth – Kris Allen

9. Life is Getting Better – Javier Colon (Actually caught this one while I was in Italy and half-buzzed. Still beautiful and hits me in the life-spot. You know if you know.)

10. Eastside – benny blanco, Halsey, & Khalid

11. Every Night – Imagine Dragons

12. Birds – Imagine Dragons

I was feeling seriously blue and mellow, getting cozy in my favorite sweater when this one came along. Just reminiscent and relaxing.

More to come soon…


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