Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book clan!

I’ve got a couple of lines for you. Maybe you’ve read the books or maybe not. These quotes really struck me for one reason or another and I love being able to share them with you guys. It’s a great way to share interests in a book, pique your interest in one, and even share a part of myself and what am I doing here if not that? LOL.

“Stories always begin the same way: There was and there was not. There is possibility in those words, the chance for hope or despair.” (Girl Serpent Thorn, Melissa Bashardoust)

This one really makes you weigh your own story just a little. Like a fork in the road. But a fork where you might not have any control over in some ways.

“Mom mustn’t find the box because moms want to know everything.” (Gwendy’s Button Box, Stephen King)

YES! Not only that but they see everything. You know it’s true. Still, moms are superheroes that do so much for their little humans, sacrificing so much. However, sometimes their little humans have to protect them because there are some things they don’t need to know. Sometimes it’s a box and sometimes it’s not.

More to come soon…


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