How to Seance For Dummies (The Unleashed – A Book Review)

The Unleashed (The Haunted #2)

Author: Danielle Vega

Published: 2020

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Rated S for a deadly séance of seven that definitely leads to no good.

Steele House was only the beginning…

It’s been months since the horrifying events of Steele House. Hendricks and her friends are trying to return to some semblance of normal. Prom is coming soon and Hendricks is trying to get excited and even take part in getting it prepared. Still, she struggles to move on after losing Eddie. She still believes he’s out there somewhere. Then she discovers that Steele House was only the start of something more horrifying.

After a séance to contact Eddie, Portia is violently attacked by an unseen force and it only gets worse. Hendricks must get to the bottom of it before she ends up dead. This isn’t Eddie at all. Whatever she and her friend unleashed is more dangerous than anything they’ve ever seen. But, sudden, life-changing news, might help them…and possibly kill Hendricks.

Penguin Random House

The Haunted Review

I pre-ordered this one because I had no idea there was a sequel and I was not disappointed! Instead, I was thrilled and chilled and couldn’t put this book down! So much more ghost-y interactions with a new and dark story. Sure, Hendricks’s and Eddie’s love story was short-lived, but I still felt for those two. Starting something you know is only going to get better only for it to end so abruptly and painfully is heart wrenching.

Portia’s family took center stage this time. Talk about refreshing! It’s actually something I rarely RARELY come across. Where a side character gets some major lime-light. From her relationship with Vi to her family history, I was all for this. It really showed that the main character isn’t always the important one. And the representation of LGBTQ was beautifully subtle and sweet and I so deeply appreciated it. Also, Portia’s friendship with Hendricks is beautiful. While it does get tested here, it goes to show that true friends can overcome anything, even murderous, asshole ghosts.

A classic prom-gone-horror trope never goes out of style. Vega certainly did it justice here. Honestly, I would pay to go watch The Haunted AND The Unleashed if they came out on the big screen. Like, take my money. Entertaining and engaging and there were so many moments I was holding my breath as it got really creepy.


The imagery and storytelling throughout the entire book wasn’t overbearing, but to the point with an impeccable tone of dread and sorrow on top. There wasn’t a great intricacy. It read like a horror movie, but I have no damages against that personally. Zero. Zilch. Loss was strong here, and I admire that each of the characters were moving on at their own pace and in their own way. So much great diversity and independence, proving not everybody is the same.


THAT EPILOGUE!!!!!! Please tell me that means another book is coming! I consider that a cliffhanger! There needs to be more. I’m desperate!


Dare I say it? This book is just as fantastic as it predecessor and nearly surpasses it. Man, that’s exciting. There was no disappointment to be had. And there’s so much to go off of that there could be another book. Steele House being rebuilt? The return of a character? Gahhhh, I’m freaking out. LOL.


“Chill? That looks like the sort of place where psychopaths keep their child brides locked up in the basement. What do you mean chill?” (Portia to Hendricks, p. 51)

“There are ghosts around us all the time. But most of them are just echoes or reflections of the people they once were. They aren’t powerful enough to actually do anything, so they just sort of…exist…” (Ileana to Hendricks, p. 54)

“Friends don’t take breaks. Friends talk to each other when they’re pissed.” (Portia to Hendricks, p. 102)

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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