Scarlet Blip: Let’s Gif!

Hello, book demolishers!

I hope you are all doing well! I know, it’s Halloween!. Are you excited? I’m fecking stoked! Sure, most of the festivities are cancelled due to the pandemic, but I’m still find in the little joys that keep me spookily festive.

Anywho, this is the Scarlet Blip. If this is your first time catching it, well, it’s pretty simple. Once a month, I take up a topic and I get my ramble on. I’m by no means an expert on these topics but I do enjoy giving my perspective and hopefully giving you something to talk or think about. This month? Gifs!

First off, I don’t care what anybody says. Gifs = Gifts without the T. You will not win the argument that it’s the other way around. You will never win that argument with me. LOL. Let it be the tomato versus tomato sitch and we’ll move on.

Now, why am I bringing up gifs? Everybody by this point in the world of social media and the internet in general should have a good handle on gifs. The moving graphic. From Tumblr to Twitter to Facebook, you’ve seen them somewhere. Here, I’mm going to talk about them in regards to book blogging, because well…you’re on a book blog.

More so, I’ll even get my gif on just this once on the Blip.


Amplifying the Words.

The beauty of a gif is that they will instantly amp up the intensity, emotion, and context of what you’re telling people. Let’s be honest, as a book blogger you can’t get carried away. You’re excited about your ship sailing? There’s a gif for that. Angry that the plot went downhill? There’s a gif for that. Weirded out because the book ended totally differently than you expected and words just don’t do it justice? There’s a gif for that.

All in all, gifs are fantastic for adding to your blog and a lot of fun. My only suggestion is that to make the greatest impact make sure the gif does reflect your words. Funny and heartfelt are great, but if they don’t correlate then the gif comes off meaningless.


Gifs Have a Thing or Two to Say About You.

The gifs you use in your posts say a lot about you. They tell people what you find funny or don’t. They definitely share what shows or movies you may enjoy too. If you leaf through my blog I guarantee you’ll come across a lot of Supernatural gifs. I love my Winchesters, and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki are sooo expressive. There’s also my fair share of Buffy ones. LOL. She’s quippy!

Gifs are also a great way to show scenery. Sometimes you don’t need to show off a quote to cover what you’re trying to say. You just need to show it. Those gifs are impressive too. I’ve discovered a gif showing a tree going through all four seasons and that was just gorgeous.


Do You Pick a Theme or go Crazy?

You’re probably like, huh? Gifs do themes? Welllll yes and no. You could be that person that uses gifs all from one show in a post or a person that gets sporadic gifs from all kinds of areas, like putting Marvel with gifs from the show Charmed or The Vampire Diaries. I like to mix it up for the fun of it.

This is where I give you that vague: you do you. I personally see no issue with going crazy with your gifs. That shows many different sides of you and sometimes a post requires some sugar, spice, and awkward. You know?

So, maybe this was interesting, maybe it was incredibly boring. Mostly I hope it was nifty and you’ll sho me your favorite gifs that you love using on your blogs. C’mon! Do it! In the comments! LOL.

More to come soon…and HAPpY HALLOWEEN!!!!


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