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Hello, bookworms!

It’s October! And that means Halloween, which is Christmas and my birthday put together. The best holiday ever!


And here I am with a brand new Midnight Tease to show you what I’m reading, going to be reading and what is up for review this month. There’s a few coming. A twist on a classic novel. Some Neil Gaiman. Good stuff.


Coming soon…

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Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim
Author: Mark Twain & W. Bill Czolggosz

There are zombies!



Author: Hans Peter Richter

I found this in the classic section of the bookstore. Similar to The Diary of Anne Frank, you follow the story of a boy’s friend who is Jewish.



Gotham: Dawn of Darkness
Author: Jason Starr

With the new season of Gotham started, I am ready to tackle this fun book. The origins of Det. Gordon (who is crazy dreamy; loved Ben Mackenzie since The O.C.) is a completely fascinating starting base. I’m always looking for a tide-over to feed my favorite TV shows. Now if I could only get my hands on that one Teen Wolf novel: On Fire.



Author: Natasha Preston

I never write off an author if I’m not fond of only one of their books. I’m very curious about her other stories. This one looks ultra-creepy. Just look at the first sentences on the back of the book gave me nasty chills.

Of course, the dress was white. This is what I’m supposed to die in.



 Love & Misadventure - SR

Love & Misadventure
Author: Lang Leav

I have a love for poetry. It’s not all of the time, but it is subtle and personal. Love and misadventure reached out to me like a mystery about the ups and downs of the strong emotion. About what it can do for you and to you and how to it makes you feel.


Poison Princess

Poison Princess: The Arcane Chronicles
Author: Kresley Cole

This was actually a recommendation from my boss and in all honesty, it sounded fun.

Imagine this, each card of the tarot deck are actual people. The Fool, Death, etc. they’re real. And they’re after one girl in particular. So she’s on the run. It already sounds crazy! Crazy fun and twisty on that little tid-bit.







Diary of a Sex Fiend

Diary of a Sex Fiend
Author: Abby Lee


Accidentally Dead, Again

Accidentally Dead, Again
Author: Dakota Cassidy


Up For Review…

Up for Review



Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane
Author: Neil Gaiman


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast of Tiffany’s
Author: Truman Capote

Due to my busy schedule I was unable to get to it last month, but I am on top of it this month!


More to come soon…


P.S. And remember, precious bookworms, reading is fun and mental.

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