Scarlet Blip: Go Solo or Go the Distance – Standalones VS Book Series

Hey there, book fiends!

I told you I’d get a blip up this month and I meant it. LOL. And, from the (too) long title you know what I’m here to ramble about.

You’ve got your solo-rider readers and your long-road-traveller readers and those who enjoy both journeys. I, personally, enjoy both. Though, if i had to pick on or the other, I definitely lean more towards the long-road with book series.

It doesn’t matter which you choose as long. Each contain their own powerful storytelling. Some are just longer and some denser and some both and some stand all on their own. Let’s look at some pros and cons I’ve put together, which we know there are way more, but these are great starting points.

The Standalones

  • It’s only one book. A one and done and for some people that’s enough. Plus, some books don’t need more storyline. They can be short and sweet, much like a movie.
  • Easy to move onto the next book in your mountain. (And my mountain is approaching Mt. Kilimanjaro.)
  • It’s easier on the pocket to get a standalone than it is to buy an entire series. And while I know this to be true, I can’t stop myself. LOL.
  • Sometimes you just aren’t satisfied and feel like there should’ve been more.
  • Too much was stuffed into this one book and it became a mess.
  • The plot came up less than you thought it’d be.

Book Series

  • You get the time to get to know the characters more and grow obsessively attached to them.
  • Each book inevitably contains a different arc that is connected to the main arc that hangs over the series.
  • Getting pulled into a world can make you leave the planet entirely. There are a few book-worlds I can think about vacating 2020 to go live in. How about you?
  • Once you’re in you don’t ever want to stop and you don’t have to for possibly 4-15 books. LOL.
  • You may discover you hate this series and have wasted your time. It’s why when I look into a series I am very particular because once I start I refuse to stop until I’m at the end. It’s kind of why I haven’t read any of the Shadowhunters novels. I’m still on the fence about those.
  • You join the battle of ships. It sounds fun and definitely is, but it can be ultimately frustrating also. LOL. You have all the logical and emotional reason about why two characters should be together and in comes another ship with a bulldozer. A prime example here is Team Edward and Team Jacob.
  • Depending on how dense the series is, you may find yourself being forced to take a break because there is just so much to take in. V. C. Andrews does that to me from time to time. I enjoy her books, but they wear on my emotions and I have to step away.

So there are pros and cons to this ramble and I’m sure there are way more than I’ve laid down here. More than anything, this is just an opportunity to look at two side of the same coin. Two covers of the same book. Etc. You get it. I really wanted to look into these two sides because it’s come up in conversation with my other bookish friends and it’s a fun topic. Truly, both are great and no choice is wrong. So, this is where I bid you ado and shut my trap finally. Have a great day, lovelies!

More to come soon…


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Are you a solo rider or do you enjoy the long road when it comes to books? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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