A Dark New World (Wicked Saints – A Book Review)

Wicked Saints (Something Dark and Holy #1) Author: Emily A. Duncan betrayal, confusion, and dark magics find their way in a war-torn world where the existence of gods is questioned, but the quest for power is eternal. A cleric in contact with all of the gods seeks to end the world, but those who tag along possibly have different agendas.

Just Look at the Flowers…(Flowers in the Attic – A Book Review)

Flowers in the Attic Author: V.C. Andrews We should have cared. We should have been careful. Hidden away in an attic in Foxworth manor are the Dollanganger kids, waiting for a grandfather they've never met to die so that mother can inherit his fortune and they will all have a better life. This hope dwindles as the kids stay longer up in that cramped space. Promises are broken. Rules are broken. The devious feelings grandmother warned them of begin to bloom. The kids soon become on of the secrets of Foxworth.

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