Ghostfacers! of the Victorian Age (Something Strange and Deadly – A Book Review)

Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1) Author: Susan Dennard Eleanor's life is complicated. While her mother tries to force her into marriage to save the family, she's trying to find her missing brother. The Dead keep rising up out of the cemetery. The Spirit-Hunters try to help her in her mission to find him while also seeking the one responsible for the raising of the Dead. She just hopes her Brother isn't one of the dead.

The Classic Hybrid

Classic Literature is a staple in every bookworm’s life. While they tell a beautiful story of either love, tragedy, loss of sanity or death (or all of the above), they also show underlying themes that relate to the real world—the wish to turn back time, the destruction through paranoia, and the obliteration of families. And,... Continue Reading →

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