Ninjas Not Included (Night of the Hidden Fang – A Book Review)

Night of the Hidden Fang
Author: T. James Logan

Mia doesn't get close to people. Her guard is always up. When three, stark naked boys show up in the bushes near her house not long after a grisly murder, she feel the urge to protect them. she feels like they might be connected and they are, much more than they thought. Now, she must protect all fo those she cares about while getting to the bottom of this mystery. And she gets more than she bargained for, including getting served up on a dinner plate to the beast that's responsible for all of this.

The Classic Hybrid

Classic Literature is a staple in every bookworm’s life. While they tell a beautiful story of either love, tragedy, loss of sanity or death (or all of the above), they also show underlying themes that relate to the real world—the wish to turn back time, the destruction through paranoia, and the obliteration of families. And,... Continue Reading →

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