The Missing, The Lost, and The Brokenhearted (TVD: The Hunters Vol. 2 – Moonsong – A Book Review)

The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Vol. 2 - Moonsong Author: L. J. Smith Elena and her friends are finally at college. With a fresh new place and new faces, it seems like they'll get a taste of that normal life. But it seems like evil has found its way to them when students start to go missing and then turn up viciously murdered.

Thin Line Between Love and Alchemy (Bloodlines – A Book Review)

Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1) Author: Richelle Mead Sydney Sage is given a chance to redeem herself as an alchemist. Many call her a vampire sympathizer, and maybe they're right and maybe they're wrong. She has a job and that's to protect humans from the supernatural which is how she got roped into guarding Jill Dragomir, little sister of Queen Lissa Dragomir: royalty and Moroi.

Late Night Sessions Guest Starring a Cult (Bad to the Bone – Book Review)

WVMP, The Lifeblood of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the station to listen to for all of your music needs. From the blues to hard rock to reggae, listen to the music, stay for the vampires. Yes, that’s right. The DJs are vampires (for real) and each of them gives their life story to the job. Tune in when the sun goes down and get obsessed with these hot, forever young, DJS as they take you for a spin all the way ‘til morning.

Late Night Listening (Wicked Game – A Book Review)

Wicked Game (WVMP #1) Author: Jeri Smith-Ready Late night radio you can sink your teeth into! Ciara Griffin is no longer doing cons. She’s done with that life. Now she is living a straight life as a part-time student as a Business major and now as an intern at WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock 'n' Roll, a radio station. The late-night shows feature music from 1940s blues all the way up through the whatever 90s. No cookie cutter bull-hockey here. All authentic all the time. Really authentic, like the DJs that run the shows that feature each musical era as if they actually lived during those times, which makes sense because they did live during those times. They’re vampires.

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