Another Car Crash (Evercrossed – A Book Review)

Evercrossed (Kissed by An Angel #4) Author: Elizabeth Chandler It's been a year since Tristan died. Ivy has finally moved forward witht her life. She's with Will now and the two of them plus Beth have taken up fun summer jobs at a bed and breakfast in Cape Cod. All is going well until Tristan comes back...after Ivy dies in a car accident.

New Dolls to Play With (Seeds of Yesterday – A Book Review)

Seeds of Yesterday Author: V.C. Andrews They escaped their mother’s hellish trap years ago, but a cruel history of lies and deceit has come full circle… The Dollangangers gather for Bart's 25th birthday and while he's grown more vile and disturbed, he wants nothing more than his family together to celebrate as he finally gets his inheritance. When tragedy strikes, they're all hanging on by sheer will and hope. The tainted past kept secret for so long is no longer secret and they will be forced to relive it and overcome it where it all began.

Vengeance Becomes Her (Arcana Rising – A Book Review)

Arcana Rising When the battle is done…And all hope is lost…Vengeance becomes everything. Evie Greene, The Empress of the Major Arcana (that's right the tarot cards are real), is struggling to keep going on after a deadly earthquake swallows up her hopes for the future and then destroys them. Unable to mourn, Evie can think of nothing but vengeance. Every time she closes her eyes though, she sees it all over again. She and her other allies have to defeat Richter, The Emperor, before he can unleash more hell and destroy what is left of the world.

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