The Future is Dead (1984 – A Book Review)

1984 Author: George Orwell Big Brother is watching... A dark, horrifying look at a futuristic world governed by The Party, a totalitarian system. Language changes constantly. Television is no longer an entertainment to watch and enjoy, but a device to watch you. An entire future is distorted and drowned in war.

Controlled By No One (Possession – A Book Review)

Possession Author: Elana Johnson In a world of control or be controlled, never trust the one you love. There are rules. Vi doesn't like following the rule. Thus, she gets arrested and taken away from her match, Zenn. She and her newest friend, Jag, have to hurry to save Zenn before the Thinkers take control of him, turning him into one of their toys. There's more to this than Vi originally thought, though. There are secrets and Vi's not so sure she wants to know them even though they could answer so many of her questions.

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