It’s In the Stars, He Said, It’s in You (Stargazing at Noon – A Book Review)

Stargazing at Noon
Author: Amanda Torroni
Published: 2019

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My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Rated D for being positively divine and devastatingly spellbinding, reaching through my heart, body, and soul.


Things I learned from the moon:

at times you feel like a sliver of yourself.

There is beauty in this too.

An expansion of Torroni’s original book of the same name, more poems have been added, covering all kinds of material, far and wide. Filled with gorgeous metaphor, weaving incredible images in your mind ranging from philosophers delving into the planets to navigating intimacy like one maps the stars.


Absolutely breathless. Soft giggles of wonderment. Deep sighs of daydreams and longing. This is my absolute favorite book of poetry. I’m pretty sure it’s going to rest by my head for the rest of time and the pages will get worn and bent from being turned and read so much.

Scarlet Reader


I’m so very in love with the moon. There’s never a moment I don’t admire her. To come across a book of poetry that utilizes the moon with heartache, love, loss, and nostalgia has swept me away completely. I’m pretty sure I left my body. I couldn’t put this book down and by the time I did it was nearly 5:30am. So. Worth it.

It’s a work of art. I don’t say that just because words and poetry are art, but because the cover with its rippling water that reminds me of the way summer sun reflects on the ocean or glimmers on a lake as the sun begins to set. Even inside the book, there are bursts of unbelievably beautiful, curving and wild font that brought so much more to the poem. Each section was marked by a phase of the moon, from its beginning to end.

Scarlet Reader




This was a moving book for me. There wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t enamored and mystified and completely lost in its words. Recommended? Hell yes.



I don’t feel like this is a quotable book, but here are a few poems that turned me into a puddle of sighs.


Pop Rocks & Soda Pop (p. 10)

We were electric that night
the power lines collapsed

& you laughed because
our cell phones died

& I, for the life of me,
could not find a flashlight.

There were plenty of candles,
not a single match, 
only the palest moonlight

catching your skin
through open windows

as we listened to the winds howl
                  the thunder clap
                  the sky break
                  the branches snap

& we explored the storms

that have long existed,

braved the blizzards within,

traded breaths & tangled limbs,

all of this until the winds calmed
                  the thunder died
                  the sky healed
                  the branches sighed

& we collapsed like power lines

because we were electric that night.

Stargazing (p. 12)

I wasn’t admiring

the freckles on your skin;

I was stargazing.

& when I said I wanted

to make love to you,

I meant all of you.

& when you felt my fingers

tracing poetry

over parts of you that

were supposedly broken,

know that all I saw
were prisms, refracted light,

& everything I wanted

to make mine.

The Brightest Thing (p. 16)

I need you to know something—

that when you’re feeling defeated

beat up & down
on your luck

when you feel like you haven’t done

anything of enough

that the most important things in life

cannot be built with your hands.

& even on days you feel burnt out
                   dim in the darkness
                   lacking sheen

I need you to know—

you’re still the

brightest damn thing

I’ve ever seen.

Two Truths, One Lie (p. 82)

The kitchen table appears and an arm’s reach

between us. We play two truths and one lie.


   1. Some nights you stay awake counting stars. One for
      every regret. Two for every time you wished you were
      someone else.


   2. You don’t love me.

   3. A black wolf visits you while you dream.

You never dream.

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Under the Light of the Moon(Over the Moon – A Book Review)

Over the Moon
Author: Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson, Virginia Kantra, Sunny
Published: 2007

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Over the Moon

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


Experience the lure of the moon…

A beautiful werewolf in the chains of old and violent traditions falls into the hands of a lone werewolf in hopes that he can save her. With tensions running high under the Burning Moon, they get more than they bargained for.

In mountains, a girl goes on a life-changing trek, looking to find herself and finds so much more when she happens upon a group of strangers, one of which is more gorgeous than she has words for. She gets caught up in a world between mortals and fae.

A vampire and a werewolf collide, yet these two opposites can’t pull away from each other.

In a world where souls are born of the moon, and Queen of an otherworldly nature have control over warlords.



Fun and wild, these four short stories are like letting your inhibitions go. These ladies created fantastic worlds that lets the imagination out of its cage. Sometimes you desperately need that and they didn’t hold back. Each story was mystical and hot to the touch.

The cover art was also gorgeous. Mysterious an alluring. I also have an obsession with the moon, so the title really worked me in too.


The stories:

  • Moon Dance
  • Between the Mountain and the Moon
  • Driftwood
  • Mona Lisa Three

I must say that Between the Mountain and the Moon and Mona Lisa Three were my favorites. They not only held adrenaline rushing romance that had my toes curling, but they had a really good story to them as well. I really like the characters and how independent they were. I get a little deflated when the characters get ruled over by other characters. It wasn’t just romance for them, though it was a big part of their lives.

Between the Mountain was really beautiful and scary. Getting caught up in the fae world is like that. Its enchanting looks hide away that its dangerous. Mona Lisa was similar. A  queen, had a family she cared for and multiple lovers. It was a little wild, but the magic of it was so original. I’d never read anything like this life or death story. The emotions of whether she’d lose people she cared about unless she went through with a heinous act were intensely strong.


These were quickie stories honestly. Short and to the point. This is something you could get done at the DMV or while in the waiting room. Flushed with erotic romance to sweep you off your feet. It’s really the kind of fluff you let yourself get caught up in, and there’s no harm in the great fantasy every once in a while that gets you biting your lip.

Over the Moon

I won’t say that these are earth-shattering. They aren’t. The writing isn’t very in depth nor enough to really stick with me. I didn’t find myself lingering all that much. I certainly didn’t get attached to the stories or the characters like I typically would when reading. That’s fine. It makes the stories enjoyably for one reason. Thrills and chills. And of course that steaming hot anticipation.



This was a fun book that really got my blood pumping and my mind racing. Though, I didn’t feel attached in any way. With enchantment, those typical daydreams every person has gets enhanced threefold. Definitely a quick read that’ll leave you breathless.



“Take two alpha males, add a female in her burning moon, and you had a prescription for bloodshed.” (Moon Dance, p. 19)

“Her fate is their punishment.” (Between the Mountain and the Moon, p 151)


More to come soon…



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Sweet Moon, It’s Hard To Be A Wolf (Blood and Chocolate – A Book Review)

Blood + Chocolate
Author: Annette Curtis Klaus
Published: 1997

B+C - banned Library

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Young, wild, and free (pretty close to the Wiz Khalifa song, just without the weed), Vivian loves to run under the moon. She had a great life in wild & wonderful West Virginia until the fire that consumed it entirely.

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With her father dead, the pack is in ruins and leaderless. Vivian struggles to find anywhere she belongs because it’s not with the pack anymore and it’s certainly not with humans. Not until she meets Aiden anyway. A meat-boy, he sweeps Vivian off her feet and into a life she didn’t think capable. As a wolf, she’s strong and graceful and she worries greatly about accidentally revealing herself to him as they grow closer.

Werewolf - giphy

Soon enough it is time to move forward that means electing a new pack leader and many believe Gabriel should step up. Vivian, however, doesn’t. He’s cocky and thinks too highly of himself, in her opinion. His eyes never stray too far away from her though and he warns her to let Aiden go. What could he be hiding?

She has to decide who she is and what she and where she belongs. But who will she choose? Her pack or the sweet and invigorating life she has with Aiden? Blood or chocolate?


I read this book every single summer between June and July and actually had to buy a new copy not long ago to replace a really worn and torn version. This is a book I give five volts to easily. My heart and soul just fall into it and it’s such an easy escape. And, I did tell you that I love werewolves, so that helps.

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This coming of age novel puts us in the driver’s seat of what it’s like to be a teenager with Vivian, and then makes it more complicated because she’s a werewolf. She struggles with more than just teenage hormones and boy drama, but also trying not to reveal what she is. All the while she feels forced into a parental role due to the circumstances within her splintered family.

Every inch of detail in the book was laid out with such exquisite beauty. There are several parts I always revel in and let myself pause on just so I can linger in them. Annette Curtis Klaus did a wonderful job of describing the change from human to wolf down to the very follicle of fur as well. Backing it up with beautiful lore and history tied to in depth emotional attachment was really icing on top of the cupcake. I couldn’t get enough.

It’s not that Vivian is a relatable character for me because I can’t say that I’m as confident as her, and I can’t run as fast as her (stupid asthma), and I certainly can’t turn into a beautiful loup-garou under the moon. It’s how she is described as strong and free and how she embraces who she is, but then begins to contemplate it all. We all struggle with our identity and how the people in our life affect that. Being able to be in Vivian’s head and know her thoughts was also amazing. Her inner voice is very different than her real voice. She gives a perfect example of how different a person acts in reality compared to how they truly feel inside.

The comparison between blood and chocolate was beautiful as well. I’m not going to give away too much, but I will say that it really helps you define what you want versus what you need. Vivian’s struggle with this makes it extremely relatable. We all question what we really need.


It’s a fantastic story and yes, I recommend it. Am I biased? Of course, but I think we all get biased over our favorite book.

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I will howl for you, human boy, she thought. I will hunt you in my girl skin but I’ll celebrate as wolf.” (Vivian, p. 31)

“Don’t give that human anything we can’t have or we’ll give him something too.” (Finn to Vivian, p. 42)

“Isn’t midnight magical?” Vivian asked, and stretched her arms to the stars.

“Not real magic.” Aiden said. “I wish it was…I wish something magical would happen.”

You want magic? I could give you magic, she thought.” (Vivian and Aiden, p. 103)

“He was raw and sharp and rich and throbbing with life. He was sweet blood after a long hunt.” (Vivian, p. 263)


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