Welcome to the Jungle (Arrow: A Generation of Vipers – A Book Review)

Arrow: A Generation of Vipers Author: Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith With Barry Allen's speedster powers still on the fritz, team Flash and team Arrow come together for a mission that could save him, or if it all goes wrong, destroy a good portion of the world. With an old friend-become-enemy of Oliver's comes between their hopes to try and take it for himself, putting the teams in danger and possibly the world, too.

Blurring From the Future (The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen – A Book Review)

The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen Author: Susan Griffith & Clay Grifffith Barry Allen, the Flash, suddenly blurs and sees an older version of himself that is worn and bruised, warning him. Some of the Rogues have gathered together with a dangerous plan that could destroy Central City. Barry and company realize soon enough that they can't do this on their own, so Barry calls in a friend...Oliver Queen AKA the Arrow.

Midnight Tease

It's midnight. It's June. It's time to see what's coming up this summery month on my queue line of books! While you know you should be sleeping, take a peek at this instead to see if you've read some these, or maybe discover a few you want to read in the future.

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