A Soul Within (The Host – A Book Review)

When Melanie is taken over by a "soul" named Wanderer. The invasion of this enemy happened slowly and by the time people realized it it, it was too late. Melanie refuses to being taken over and give up. As Melanie fights fading away, Wanderer comes to understand this world and strive to be a part of it.

Playing Mortal (A Touch of Darkness – A Book Review)

Persephone just wants a normal life and lives as close of one as she can as a college student. It's jeopardized when she gets herself tied up in a deal with Hades, God of the Underworld. Create life in the underworld. But, she may be screwed since everything she touches shrivels up and dies. But something does bloom between the two and it could disrupt the balance of everything.

Crossing That Bridge (Neon Gods – A Book Review)

After a sudden announcement that she's to wed Zeus, Persephone flees. She knows what happens to his wives and she refuses to give away her freedom. When she meets Hades, they strike quite the bargain that could mean chaos for both of them. What they didn't expect was the feelings they developed for one another.

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