Way Down We Go (The House of Hades – A Book Review)

The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus #4)
Author: Rick Riordan

Dangers are abound for the seven demigods of a great prophecy to stop Gaea, mother nature, from rising from her slumber. With two in Tartarus and the others struggling to keep themselves together, they must reach the Doors of Death to finally stop monsters from pouring out of the Underworld.

The Mechanical Dragon, Two Griffins and A Dozen Battle Ostriches (The Dark Prophecy – A Book Review)

Go west. Capture Apollo before he can find the next Oracle.

With Meg McCaffrey missing after the encounter with Nero, Apollo relies on his other Demigod friends to help him figure out how to save the Oracles, and defeat the Triumvirate and his other enemies since he obviously can't do it alone as a mere mortal teenager. But in Indianapolis he faces another old enemy that threatens the entire city. He'll have to give it all he's got, even if it means talking to an arrow sometimes, in order to save the day. Apollo save the day? Oh boy.

There Once Was a God…Then He Fell into a Dumpster (The Hidden Oracle – A Book Review)

My name is Apollo. I used to be a god.

There’s nothing worse than getting punished for something that wasn’t your fault, kind of not your fault. Zeus casts the god of poetry, music, and prophecy down from Olympus as punishment. Apollo crawls out of a dumpster to discover he’s no longer a god. What’s worse? He’s a teenager named Lester Papadopoulos with acne and *shiver* flab!
He seeks to get this dreadful and mortal punishment over and done with so he goes to the one place that may make that possible. Camp Half-Blood. There are problems about and it's
up to him-he wish it wasn't because the demigods should be the ones dealing with it, not a god of such awesome and gorgeous proportions-to deal with it and save the camp. With none of his godly powers how will he do that?

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