A Top Drawer Education – (“Shouldn’t You Be in School?” – A Book Review)

“Shouldn’t You Be in School?” (All The Wrong Questions ?3) Author: Lemony Snicket Is that smoke? Who is setting those fires? Lemony Snicket is on the case. Determined to end these fires popping up all over Stain'd-by-the-Sea, he is lead to Wade Academy. With his friends, he hopes to get to the bottom of this mystery and figure out hw the villainous Hangfire is connected to all of it.

Get Scared Later (“When Did You See Her Last?” – A Book Review)

A new mystery has come to Stain'd-by-the-sea. A young woman, a chemist, Cleo Knight. IT's quickly discovered that her sudden disappearance may be tied to the villainous Hangfire whose plots threaten the nearly extinct town. But what does that have to do with a statue of a mythical beast? Why does that woman have a knife? Can you read invisible ink?

What Does the S Stand For? (“Who Could That Be at This Hour?” – A Book Review)

“Who Could That Be at This Hour?” (All The Wrong Questions ?1) Author: Lemony Snicket What happened to his parents? Where is that screaming coming from? Is it too late? If you enjoy nefarious plans, perilous situations, and double-crossing then read this. Then again, if you prefer a happy, more upbeat story with a predictable happy ending for its main characters don't even pick this one up because you will not find that in this book.

Midnight Tease

It's midnight. It's June. It's time to see what's coming up this summery month on my queue line of books! While you know you should be sleeping, take a peek at this instead to see if you've read some these, or maybe discover a few you want to read in the future.

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